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8 Iconic Roles A-Listers Completely Regret

Becoming a top actor who gets invited to star in high-profile projects and is offered multimillion-dollar contracts is not easy. Sometimes to achieve stardom, one needs to go through dozens of roles, do some free work, or play a role they don’t like. The actors listed below are loved and respected for their iconic roles, but they hate even being reminded of them.

10 Worst Male Actors In Hollywood

None of the people in this list have won Oscars – or at least not that they’ve earned. While they may have had some commercial successes in their career, none of them will go down in history as a great actor, either.

15 Action Heroes From Our Childhood Then and Now

We live in the age of superhero media. Today’s kids have hundreds of role models to choose from: Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, and the list goes on. But we still remember the 90s’ when kids were arguing over who’s stronger Rambo or Terminator…