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8 Biggest Jerks In The Movie Industry


Hollywood is filled with all sorts of kind-hearted actors whose only goal in life appears to be helping others or, at the very least, supporting those who can help. However, some celebs have not yet transcended their petty human emotions and still act like turds on and off-screen.

Let’s see if you’d be surprised by any of these actors and their dirty little deeds.

1. Shia LaBeouf

Olivia Wilde cast Shia in her movie “Don’t Worry Darling,” but after a while, he claimed that something came up and left the project. It later turned out that the director dropped him because of how difficult it was for everyone to work with this guy. Olivia Wilde had a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate behavior, calling it the “no a**hole” policy.

Another great example is when Shia was constantly drunk while shooting scenes for “Lawless.” He tried to explain that it’s what his character would do, so he was just trying to be more authentic. It’s called “acting” for a reason, Shia.

2. Jared Leto

Speaking of method-acting, Jared Leto has his own little tricks. Of course, you’ve heard a dozen times about his Joker-esque antics on the set of the “Suicide Squad.” It was all fun and games, albeit a bit crazy, but such mind games almost destroyed his relationship with Cameron Diaz when Leto was method-acting as a junky in “Requiem For a Dream.”

3. Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard has been a notorious jerk for decades. In 2007 he admitted to something rather strange: he’s attracted to women who look like him. What exactly does that mean? Well, he basically said that women are unclean unless they use baby wipes. If that wasn’t bad enough when Marvel kicked him from “Iron Man 2,” it wasn’t due to his views on female hygiene or his salary but due to the actor’s bad temper on the set.

4. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has starred in many popular movies, but the fans’ all-time favorites are “Top Gun,” “Mission Impossible,” and “Eyes Wide Shut.” It’s strange to find out that Cruise was kind of an on-set jerk even back then. Thandie Newton, Tom’s co-star from MI2, said Cruise was a scary man to work with because of his ever-present dominance. You know the type — “it’s either my way or the highway.” Then there was his recent meltdown while filming MI7, where he scalded the crew members for not wearing masks. As you can see, his intentions were good, but the execution — not so much.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Best known for playing Katniss in “The Hunger Games,” Jennifer Lawrence seemed like a chill and down-to-earth person. But after a few bad takes on cultural issues in 2016, her popularity went downhill. While filming “The Hunger Games” in Hawaii, she ridiculed the sacred rocks on the island. Even though you’re not supposed to sit on them, Lawrence used them for scratching her butt. Or maybe she was just kidding. Either way, it was too late; you can imagine the backlash! 

That’s not all, though, because she once told Adam Sandler in an interview that she’s always super rude to everyone in a public place. That’s a good way to discourage the fans from bothering you, we’ll give her that.

6. Tobey Maguire

How could Peter Parker from Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” movies be anything less than excellent to regular people? Turns out, he’s not all that fluffy in real life. Back in the ’90s, Tobey was a real party animal. One time he saw a waitress, now known as Hollywood’s Poker Princess, get $50,000 in tips for the night, and he decided that was too much money, so the future Spider-Man told her to bark for a $1,000 chip just to humiliate her in front of everyone.

7. Julia Roberts

When Roberts was asked about her relationship with Nick Nolte, her co-star at the time, she wasn’t beating around the bush. Many rumors were flying around that these two didn’t get along on set, and the lack of chemistry was obvious on screen. Apparently, she didn’t like him at all, even going as far as calling Nolte “completely disgusting.” That’s messed up.

Oh, and while filming 1991’s “Hook,” Roberts was allegedly nicknamed by the movie crew “Tinkerhell.” We’re not sure what exactly happened on that set, but people don’t throw these kinds of nicknames willy-nilly.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

In 2013, actor Gwyneth Paltrow reached her peak. That’s when she was named the most hated celebrity in the world. We would not expect anything less from the legendary “Goop” founder, whose eccentric and ignorant takes on everything from mental health to instant noodles have successfully made everyone hate her. Paltrow once told Conan O’Brien that she’d rather die than let her kid eat Cup-a-Soup. If you Google her “words of wisdumb,” you’ll see she actually said many idiotic things. For example, in 2019, she was trying to convince the public that she was the person who made yoga popular.