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Who Falls In Love Faster: Men Or Women?


A group of psychologists at Borough of Manhattan Community College, being bored out of their minds, have decided to test if men and women experience infatuation in the same manner or if one of the genders falls in love slightly faster. It turns out there is a winner in this unnecessary race after all, and it’s… Well, keep reading to find out!

These experts have identified four criteria that distinguish that influence how men and women perceive love. Despite the well-established myth about women being the weaker sex, it turned out that men fall in love much faster. This is due to the fact that genetically on an absolutely subconscious level, women are hard-coded to protect themselves and their offspring, which means that in general, ladies spend more time browsing the wares and don’t rush in with the purchase, carefully choosing the object of their adoration. Meanwhile, men tend to be guided by a smaller set of genetic requirements, so they fall in love more easily.

It also turned out that in most cases, men are desperate enough to declare their feelings first. The bored psychologists also note that even though women are less likely to say “I love you” first when they finally do say it, there’s no shutting them up. This is partly because these sacred words are much more important for women, and they will spend days, weeks, or even years contemplating and pondering when would be the best moment to say them out loud. This tardiness has ruined many relationships, so, ladies, just say it, okay?

Another interesting point to note is that men are much more easily charmed by their potential love interests and fall for them more often. At Texas Tech University, the researchers discovered that when women fall in love, they do their best to keep that relationship afloat, while men are, apparently, simply looking for a place to stay for the night. According to these researchers, men can afford to fall in love more often just because they don’t care as much.

Finally, our beloved psychologists came to the conclusion that women pay less attention to their partner’s appearance than men. For ladies, a partner’s character traits and actions are more important than what eyeliner he’s using. They will prefer a caring, strong, generous, and attentive man who is ready to provide support over a buff boy-toy. At least that’s what the research says, but I have my doubts.