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Ashton Kutcher and His Wife Mila Kunis Open Up About Kutcher’s Terrible Affliction


It always feels like Hollywood stars are immortal gods walking among us. They live forever and get everything they want. That is until one of them gets sick, and the world gasps in disbelief.

Sadly, celebs are also human, meaning they experience the same health issues as the rest. For instance, last year, we got news of Emilia Clarke’s complex brain surgery, and soon after that, Ashton Kutcher shared information about his three-year-long battle with an autoimmune disease, vasculitis, which could deprive the actor of sight, hearing, and the ability to move.  

Thankfully, the star had a rare, treatable form of vasculitis and underwent rehabilitation, improving his health. Kutcher also said that there was an unexpected side to this disease — a fresh perspective on life. The actor says he has now learned to treat every obstacle as a challenge and not sweat about the small stuff to live life to the fullest.

As to his dear wife, the famous actress of Ukrainian origin, Mila Kunis, she showed him an immense amount of unwavering support. Kunis said in an interview that there was no time to sit down and talk things through. She had to dive in and hang on even though she still had kids and family on her shoulders. But you gotta do what you gotta do, as they say. Kunis thought she and Kutcher were very lucky that they had each other, and they both did an amazing job taking care of their family.

Kutcher admitted that the disease knocked out his vision and hearing. His balance was thrown off the window to the point where he couldn’t even stand up. It took the actor a year to get back on his feet and then two more years to finish the treatment.

People are used to taking things like sight and hearing for granted, but the mere thought of losing either of the senses can give anyone a panic attack. When you have no idea whether you’ll be able to hear, see, or walk again, the world suddenly gets very depressing and sad. Kutcher is lucky to be alive, that’s for sure, but it was all due to amazing teamwork with Mila.