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9 Amazing Trends That Originated in China


Some people say that everything is made in China. And while it’s not true, of course, you can see where this joke is coming from. China is one of the most industrially and technologically advanced countries in the world, and they certainly have the necessary facilities to make pretty much anything they need. Meanwhile, we keep using their trends and pretending we invented them.

Here are nine amazing trends that originated in China.

1. Social Credit System

The social credit system evaluates individual citizens or organizations using various parameters, the values of which are obtained using mass surveillance tools and big data analysis technology. In other words, for doing socially useful actions, people receive points. The better your rank, the more benefits you can get in different areas. Respectively, people with low ratings would be penalized.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Maybe China didn’t invent AI, per se, but they sure know how to use it. With the help of artificial intelligence, they disclose criminals, monitor the traffic, and even track school attendance. Their face recognition technology allows you to try on clothes and predict the result of plastic surgery.

3. 5G Network

When the Chinese government wants something done, neither the pandemic nor geopolitical issues will prevent the country from turning a plan into reality. That’s pretty much exactly what happened with their 5G implementation plan for 2020. Last summer, Beijing and Shenzhen were already fully covered by 5G.

4. ABetter “G” (6G)

5G is not the limit! Chinese scientists are working on improving this already fantastic tech to its next logical form — 6G, suggesting that it will provide even faster data transfer speed. Prepare your tinfoil hats and pitchforks — 6G will take over your brain! (It won’t, relax)

5. Making Cheap Graphene

A team of scientists from China is developing a much more affordable way to produce graphene, used in electronics, power cells, etc., opening up countless new opportunities. This kind of technological advancement will have a cascading effect on the world economy. That is, of course, if they choose to share it with the rest of us.

6. Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Marketing

Influencers promoting different brands are huge right now, and experts predict that things will only get bigger from here. Guess who started this nifty trend?

7. Gigapolises

Remember the giant city from the Judge Dredd movies? That’s basically what the Chinese government is planning to do all over the country — mega-cities with an area and population comparable to a small state!

8. Digital Fashion Shows

Much like many other events of the past year, the 2020 Shanghai Fashion Week was completely virtual. The designers recorded videos and hosted interactive shows, which were then broadcast all over the country.

9. Gua Sha Massagers

Have you ever seen those jade or quartz rollers that are said to help you relax, open your chakras, even out the skin tone and start the rejuvenation process? Yup, this trend came straight from China and people seem to love it.