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We all know and love the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli – My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke are among the world’s animated movie classics. Not only are those anime films incredibly interesting, they are also made with amazing attention to detail, including food. How many times did we wonder how those scrumptious bento boxes would taste like in real life? And what about mouth-watering pies and cakes with crunchy crusts? Well, it appears that we were not the only ones – and some people actually recreated all those dishes in real life! Meet En93kitchen, a talented Instagram user from Japan who has gained millions of followers with mind-bendingly delicious foods recreated from world famous anime films. Here’s a gallery that will definitely make you mouth water!



This yummy lunch box from Up On Poppy Hill is both mouth-watering and gorgeous-looking. How can food be so darn pretty?



Howl’s Moving Castle featured a pretty non-Japanese breakfast, which looks to-die-for nonetheless. That bacon looks beyond gentle!



Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away has loads of weird and wonderful foods. This tea party, though, is among the yummiest moments in the movie!



My Neighbor Totoro’s lunch box features some pretty delicious ingredients, including rice, fish, peas, and umeboshi (pickled plum).

This amazing fish pie looked quite impressive in Kiki’s Delivery Service, but in real life? It’s absolutely outstanding!



Nothing beats a nice creamy soup with veggies from The Secret World of Arietty.



Whisper of the Heart features some pretty impressive Udon noodle meals. It’s a simple dish that is both filling and savory.



This cake from Kiki’s Delivery Service is a perfect match!



Ponyo’s ham noodles look incredibly appetizing on screen, but the reality is so much better! Those picture-perfect slices of ham make our stomachs growl.