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A red bean steamed bun is a classic Japanese meal, but its size is not nearly as big as they showed it in Spirited Away! Nevertheless, we would munch it up in an instant.



How about some cute sandwiches from Ponyo?



Meat-lovers would probably do anything to grab a bite of this meat-on-sticks dish with hot sauce from Wolf Children.



Even if you aren’t that much into fish, you’ll probably want to try this freshly fried piece from The Wind Rises.

Porco Rosso’s salmon in béchamel sauce features glazed carrots and a glass of white wine. Fancy!



And how about some crispy cookies in a fairy tale-like setting from Kiki’s Delivery Service?



Eggs, greens, rice…This breakfast from Up On Poppy Hill has everything you need to start the day!



Yummy cake and a cup of hot tea from The Wind Rise – it looks just like the original!