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10 Celebrities Who Can Speak Multiple Languages

Hollywood stars must have impeccable English skills, that’s a given, but beyond that, the more languages they know, the more riles they can fill. Most stars do not scream about their knowledge from the rooftops, and only show off their hidden talents when necessary.

A-List Celebs On Public Transport

When we talk about A-list celebrities we always imagine them living this extraordinary life that comes with immense wealth and fame. In fact, here are a few celebs that you probably assumed were too rich to go on public transport, but they still do it from time to time.

8 British Actors We Are Ready To Drop Everything For | Brain Berries

8 British Actors We Are Ready To Drop Everything For

It is truly a mystery why Great Britain is home to so many handsome actors. Hollywood is dominated by gorgeous-looking brits for a reason! They possess an irresistible mix of good looks, incredible talent, poise, self-confidence, and that accent that would make any woman melt. All that makes British actors incredibly attractive both on screen and in real life.