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8 FAQs About Laser Tattoo Removal

Your parents probably scared you in your teen years that tattoos are forever, you’ll regret them and they will only look worse as you get older. It’s not quite true though is it

Tattoo Trends That Are On The Rise In 2020

f you love tattoos you probably have been faced with a question of “what tattoo to get first” and then swiftly followed by “which one should I get next?”, because once you start it’s hard to stop at just one tattoo. The process of picking a tattoo style is difficult enough as it is, and picking a specific design can feel like an impossible task.

15 Creative Scar Tattoo Cover Ups

Scars aren’t easy to tattoo over. And this is where a brilliant solution comes is hand – incorporate them into a tattoo. Here are some amazing examples of people working with what they’ve got and being creative with their scars and tattoos.