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12 Things that Were Banned For Ridiculous Reasons. Who Says Government Can’t Be Absurd?

Governments don’t always do the right thing with laws they create. Sure, many of them are there to protect us. They (hopefully) make sure we don’t get murdered, that our belongings remain ours, that we are treated fairly before the law, and that there is some fundamental security that we feel we can count on. However, some laws seem just absolutely nutty and really make us scratch our heads. Some might even say they are absurd and insane. Sometimes things, books, people, and ideas just get banned because someone “up there” wanted it to be so. Here are 12 things that were banned for ridiculous reasons.

10 Most Delicious Ice Cream Trends to Watch Out For This Summer

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of cold gentleness melting in your mouth on a hot summer day. Some people like to eat it all year round and we can’t blame them! Chefs all over the world come up with new bizarre ice cream recipes every day, trying to improve the already perfect dessert. Some of them are more successful, others are less so, but in the end we, mere consumers, have a unique ability to try some of the yummiest ice creams that have ever existed. Here are 10 delicious new trends you should definitely try this summer.