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Top 7 Recent Innovations That Have a Big Future


If you are an 80-90’s kid, you’ve seen enough sci-fi movies and TV shows to understand that our future will be amazing! I’m not saying everything from those movies will come to be (technology-wise), but you have to agree that even today the tech our brightest minds are developing is getting freaking ridiculous. 3D printers, robots, Hyper-loops… what’s not to love? So, here are 7 recent innovations that will have a bright future.



1. Hyper-loop Trains
Thanks to Elon Musk, who’s a real doer, the engineers have been developing a safe way to propel “trains” through a near-vacuum tube at supersonic speeds using magnetic levitation. Imagine traveling 1000 km in a single hour! Soon, my friends, soon…



2. Vertical Farming
Humans are humping like crazy and don’t seem to care about the food at all. Some are probably thinking that it’s not a big problem, since shops and markets have plenty of food, but they are wrong. I mean, sure, they’ll live and die, and it will neither hurt nor help, but there are 7 BILLIONS of us on this space rock we call Earth.
Preaching aside, it’s pretty clear we’ll need to figure out the food deal first. That’s where the vertical farming comes in. And it does exactly what it says – produces yummies in vertically stacked layers, like in a tall building, a warehouse, or some random shipping container. This will allow us to grow 1000 times more produce than normal farming!

3. Agile Robots
Look, I’m just going to leave with this video, and let you figure out for what purposes these robots can be used. I just hope they won’t rebel against us in the future!

4. Neuromorphic Chips
Neuromorphic chips will allow us to do incredible things using our brains. Basically speaking, neuromorphic engineering tries to mimic the efficiency and speed of our brain functions. This would make all, and I mean absolutely ALL, modern processors obsolete overnight.

5. Organic Radical Batteries
Now that we’re working on robots and neuromorphic tech, we’re gonna need something to power these things. Currently my 2500 mAh phone battery is barely enough for a day in a stand by mode, and the newer models need even more power. The tendency is clear here, and we need better batteries. Cue in the organic radical battery (ORB). Right now I don’t think these babies are available in stores but one day, hopefully…

6. Virtual Reality Headsets
HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Rift are the two biggest names in VR sphere right now, with PSVR riding on their tail. Right now VR is mostly games and tech demos, but the potential is definitely there! Let’s give it 10 years and see what’s up.

7. 3D Printing
If you missed my piece on 3D printing, that’s fine, I got your back, Jack. 3D printing has nearly limitless potential and I bet you good money children will learn “3D modeling” in schools instead of PE. In 50 years we’ll all be old, and seeing our grandkids print out pizza for dinner and a new pair of shoes for a party will leave us baffled as hell. Mark my words.