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Will the Next James Bond Actor Please Stand Up?


Although the identity of the next James Bond is still shrouded in mystery, and we don’t know exactly how the producers are going to get around big changes in the events of the last double-oh-seven movie – many 007 fans are convinced that they have cracked the case of who will the next actor playing James Bond will be.

After Daniel Craig took off his fancy tux in his latest Bond adventure in 2021’s No Time To Die, fans have been actively looking for clues about the future actor for the secret agent franchise. Over the years, we’ve had some hits and misses, but this time, it seems this time they think they’ve figured it out.

A couple of weeks ago, “The Citadel” co-stars Stanley Tucci and Richard Madden made a short video together on Instagram, both giggling about something while enjoying a martini. Any 007 fan will tell you shaken, not stirred Martini and vodka is Bond’s favorite drink, so there’s that. You can see many people lose their minds in the comments if you scroll down far enough. Of course, this could be just actors stirring the pot, but Madden already went through this phase in 2019 when he denied the Bond rumors. Why would he do this again?

But Madden is not the only contender for the role. At least not according to fan-casting and conspiracy theories. For a long time, Idris Elba was considered the next choice for 007, but according to rumors, refused, and negotiations stopped. However, this doesn’t mean booths sides won’t change their mind at some point. Plus, Tom Hanks is really rooting for Elba, and you are legally not allowed to disappoint the National treasure that is Tom Hanks.

Number three on the list is our boy Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He’s young, handsome, and can rock a mean tux. Aaron already did a screen test last Fall, and producers loved him. The actor was one of the front-runners, according to the sources, which also means they are considering other options. And when an anonymous source hinted that ATJ would make an appearance in a mini-trailer, revealing his future role as the new James Bond, the Internet was cautiously optimistic, as the actor is shooting a new Marvel movie – Kraven the Hunter. All that supervillain buffness must not go to waste!

When asked head-on about the possibility of becoming the next James Bond, Aaron Taylor-Johnson neither confirmed nor denied it, keeping things under wraps and waiting for the perfect moment to drop the big news.

Just for the record, the other possible contenders, based on bookmaker reports, were Henry Cavill, Rege-Jean Page, Tom Hardy, James Norton, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, so we’ll see if any of them steps up. Looking at you, ex-Superman/ex-Witcher!