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What The Cast Of Bones Is Doing Today


In the early/mid 2000s,’ there were dozens of procedural crime dramas that tried to overthrow the iconic CSI. And one of the most successful shows that came out of this unnecessary chase was a series about forensic anthropologists who used her uncanny knowledge of the human body to help the FBI find sicko killers. With a clever name like “Bones,” the show’s success was pretty much guaranteed.

Running for twelve seasons, Bones has seen its fair share of mediocre episodes, but fantastic actors have always been something the viewers would look forward to. Although it’s only been five years since the series finale, the men cast has already changed so much!

1. Carla Gallo

Everyone loved Carla Gallo as Daisy. With her bubbly personality, Daisy was the most memorable out of all the “squinterns,” especially after she and Sweets fell in love and she got pregnant. After the Bones finale, Carla kind of fell off the radar for a while, only to reappear in a minor role here and there. That’s because she has two kids and a loving husband to focus on now. Her most recent big role was in Little Evil, a horror comedy on Netflix.

2. Pej Vahdat

Arastoo Vaziri, played by Pej Vahdat, was one of Dr. Brennan’s interns at the Jeffersonian. Arastoo was the most chill guy on the team, and when Dr. Saroyan joined, he knew they’d be together eventually. Not the biggest twist in TV history, but we’ll take it. However, Bones was just the beginning for Vahdat. Thanks to his undeniable charm and talent, he was able to secure roles in projects like Lucifer, Arrow, The Good Doctor, Empire, and many more. If that wasn’t enough, Vahdat is also a fantastic voice actor whose voice you may have heard on Crackdown 3, Uncharted, Agents of Mayhem, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

3. Michaela Conlin

On the show, Conlin played Angela Montenegro, the team’s resident nerd, computer genius, and just overall a smart cookie. Bones was one of her first big projects and helped her open a few very interesting doors in Hollywood. Ever heard of Disney’s Enchanted? How about The Lincoln Lawyer? But even that’s all in the past. Today Conlin is known for starring in Kevin Costner’s criminally underrated series Yellowstone.

4. T.J. Thyne

T.J. played our favorite conspiracy theory buff/bug enthusiast with very deep pockets and used his unparalleled entomology skills to help the team. Off-screen, however, Thyne is a heck of an actor with over sixty projects on his IMDb page, including a recurring role on the new Walker, Texas Ranger. That said, Thyne has slowed down significantly since the Bones finale, appearing in only a couple of series.

5. Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor’s character joined the Bones team in season two and had one simple task: keep everyone at the Jeffersonian in check and spice up the relationship drama as Booth’s ex-girlfriend. After Bones, Tamara joined the cast of one of the best cyberpunk shows out there – Altered Carbon. Here she played a lawyer slash cop, Oumou Prescott, who had very similar vibes to her character on Bones. After Altered Carbon came Netflix’s hilariously bad October Faction. It’s still unclear how they messed that one up.

6. John Francis Daley

One of the most memorable characters on Bones must be Dr. Lance Sweets, an FBI psychologist who made it his life goal to figure out Brennan and Booth’s issues while helping them profile the bad guys. After the Bones finale, John Francis Daley focused more on becoming a screenwriter. Some of his scripts include such box office hits as Horrible Bosses and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Daley was given an opportunity to write the script for the 2015 Vacation remake but couldn’t find a good excuse for why his character on Bones would be missing, so the writers had to kill him off. More recently, he’s been working on the Dungeons & Dragons movie, the Micronauts, and even helped with the Spider-Man: Homecoming script.

7. Emily Deschanel

If that last name sounds familiar, yes, that’s Zooey Deschanel’s sister. Unlike Zooey, however, Emily’s career isn’t as bright. Spending twelve years on one show certainly didn’t help with building a portfolio, but it did make her think twice before taking part in future shows. Since wrapping up on Bones, Emily eased up on taking more work so much that her only roles were a couple of cameos. In 2019, she decided to give TV crime dramas another try by securing a role in Animal Kingdom. And even more recently, Emily starred in Netflix’s Devil In Ohio.

8. David Boreanaz

I see you, Angel and Buffy fans. Yes, Bones was not David’s first rodeo on TV, nor was it his last one. Playing Emily’s on-screen partner, he definitely proved that his acting chops started and ended with the “lovable badass” archetype. Not that it’s a bad thing. Just look at the Rock, he seems to be doing just fine. Anyway, after playing an FBI agent for over 200 episodes, David almost immediately signed up for a new project – SEAL Team, where he’d be playing, surprise-surprise, a lovable badass.