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What Does Jake From “Two and a Half Men” Look Like Now?


Angus T. Jones as he is today, is a far cry from his ancient days of playing a pudgy and rather dimwitted character in the classic sitcom Two and a Half Men, which was a well-paying role he abandoned in 2012 for various reasons.

At the age of 27, Jones suddenly disappeared from the public eye right after quitting his role, but he was spotted again on October 27 and looked completely unrecognizable! The paparazzi who went after Angus struck gold when they finally found him. Judging from the few photos obtained by the Daily Mail, the actor, who also made a cameo appearance on the sitcom in 2015, was chilling outside his home in Los Angeles, California, rocking long hair and a beard, watching firefighters take out a blazing inferno near him. He wore a black T-shirt with a white Apple logo, a knitted hat, and sunglasses.

Angus’ last appearance was recorded 17 years after he first starred in Two and a Half Men, which became one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000s. He played Jake Harper, the “half” in “two and a half,” a kid living with his divorced father, played by Jon Cryer, and uncle, played by Charlie Sheen. As he got older, the producers changed his character from “aww, he’s dumb but cute” to “woah, he’s a moron.” To justify such a development, they made his character smoke marijuana and date older women. But by November 2012, Angus was making headlines when he posted a YouTube video explaining that he no longer wanted to appear on the show.

He also continued to discourage others from watching the series, which helped him break into the acting spotlight when he called it an “abomination.” Jones never went back to the series after the season 10 finale, which aired in 2013 but ended up making a cameo appearance in the show’s final season in 2015.

Despite his controversial take on the show, Angus has taken good care of other aspects of his life besides acting. Jones attended the University of Colorado, where he began studying ecology, but later switched to Jewish studies towards the end of his freshman year.

In 2013, Jones made headlines again when he talked about his experience in Two and a Half Men in an interview with director Christopher Hudson. He said that being on the show is “inconsistent with being a true God-fearing person.” In 2016, Angus provided an update on his life and admitted that he wanted to make a “slow” return to action. No rush.

The door is still open for him, but Angus admitted that he loves to travel and move around whenever he wants. Not being cooped up in the same spot for years is definitely a plus. As for regrets, Jones does his best to live a life without them. Whatever happens — happens, and there’s only one way — forward.

Angus’ last acting role was in an episode of Horace and Pete in 2016, and at the moment, not much is known about his whereabouts. Some sources claim he lives in LA now, and if you want to catch a glimpse of his lifestyle, you better follow Angus on his Instagram account. Althought, he doesn’t post there very often.