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Top 9 Actors Who Always Die On Screen


You may have noticed that some famous actors tend to die on the screen more often than others. And while there’s no particular reason for such decisions, it’s still funny when you think about it.

Here are nine famous actors whom directors and screenwriters send to the afterlife more often than others.

1. Bruce Willis

As John McClane, Bruce is literally a die-hard, but his characters die all the time. Sometimes it is a well-deserved death, and other times it is a sacrifice to save the entire planet from a giant asteroid.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio’s characters are often unlucky in love stories. Usually, death comes out of nowhere, like an iceberg in the night. But hey, at least there won’t be any sequels!

3. Gary Oldman

Being the master of disguise, Gary Oldman played a variety of different roles, and, of course, he kicked the bucket more than a few times. He died at the hands of the vampire slayer Van Helsing, from overdosing, got shot in gunfights, and in Hannibal, he was eaten by pigs.

4. Steve Buscemi

Buscemi’s characters rarely survive till the credits. For example, his character dies in 3 out of 5 Cohen brothers’ movies (Miller’s Crossing, Fargo, and The Big Lebowski), where Steve played moderately big roles.

5. Mickey Rourke

Mickey often plays the bad guys, and, as you know, they almost always end up in the dirt. He died in street fights, in battles with legendary heroes, in the electric chair, and that one time, he blew himself up. Rourke is almost as good as Gary Oldman when it comes to the variety of deaths.

6. Johnny Depp

In his debut film, Depp was sucked into a bed and turned into a blood spray by Freddy Krueger. After two years, he was sent to star in Platoon, where he also died. Aside from that, our boy Johnny died from electric shock, excessive use of absinthe, and opium was shot, stabbed, and swallowed whole by the Kraken.

7. Robert De Niro

De Niro has been playing gangsters his entire career, and those gunslinging scumbags never live a happy life. Even though his most famous character somehow remained alive, De Niro was sent to hell on more than 15 occasions. His obituaries include a ruthless mobster, a psychologist with a split personality, a crazy fan, a cruel stepfather, and many other questionable characters.

8. John Hurt

One of the most glorious and brutal death scenes in cinema belongs to John Hurt. Although his role in the 80s horror movie Alien was small, the scene with the “alien” bursting out of his chest became legendary. Also, his name is literally Hurt. How crazy is that?

9. Sean Bean

Due to a large number of deaths in movies and TV shows, Sean Bean has become an infamous hero of many memes. He died in more than 20 movies already and will probably keep dying just for the memes.