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Top 7 Most Memorable Billie Eilish Attires


Billie Eilish is probably the most talked-about teenager in the world right now. By the age of 17, she recorded two platinum singles, released her debut album, and managed to become a fashion icon of those wild, rebellious teenagers. Her wardrobe choices make it look as if she doesn’t care what she’s wearing, but trust us, that’s not even close to being true.

Here are the top 7 most memorable Billie Eilish attires!

1. Billie at Lollapalooza

Crazy neon colors, great choice of shorts, and a sweet t-shirt! She’s basically me ten years ago. Which probably isn’t that good for Billie. Either way, it’s just a phase.

2. Billie at MCM Global Flagship Store Grand Opening

Have to say she looks a lot like a Batman villain here. As much as I love the hat, those shades need to go. If it’s not sunny outside – drop the sunglasses. Otherwise, you look like an idiot.

3. Billie at 35th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards

Simple yet stylish. That’s basically Billie’s creed at this point. The color scheme will help you not to get hit by a car at night, but that’s about it.

4. Billie at 36th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards

Just a year later, and look at that total style change. Plus, the Powerpuff Girls make her look better than ever. Honestly, this is her best look so far.

5. Billie Eilish full-covered in Louis Vuitton

Ah, the ninja outfit from Louis Vuitton! Who doesn’t like that? It would make you invisible at all those red carpet events you usually go to.

6. Billie at 47th Annual American Music Awards

Here’s one of Billie’s worst outfits. It’s just a bunch of stuff put together in a dark closet. Go ahead, change my mind.

7. Billie at LACMA Art + Film Gala

Probably the most controversial outfit of all of them – the glossy potato sack. With huge, unwieldy shoes and a charming neon hair color.

I wonder what other wild clothes she’ll be wearing in the future.