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The Comic Book Movies You Need To Watch In 2019



It’s been a great time to be alive for comic book and movie fans, and it looks like 2019 isn’t going to be any different in that regard. We’ve got a huge amount of big blockbuster comic book movies lined up to keep you busy for pretty much every month of the year, so it’s going to be 2020 in no time!


Let’s take a look at some big comic book movies that you should try to watch in 2019. Nobody’s forcing you, really.



X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The final non-Marvel X-Men movie that we’ll be seeing for a pretty long time, probably. Just like that other final movie in an X-Men series, this one will be about Jean Grey turning into Sansa Stark who turns into Dark Phoenix. Sounds like a blast!


Spider-Man: Far From Home

I know what you’re thinking – it’s just another Spider-Man movie. While that’s true, it also has the amazing Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio and it’s the first MCU movie after Endgame. It’ll be nice to see the start of the new overarching storyline come to fruition.




Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, need I say more? I’m one of the few people that believed Jared Leto was a more comic-accurate version of the Joker than Heath Ledger, but it looks like this movie is going to be one where we can all agree that it’s going to be amazing.



A bit of an atypical comic book superhero, this one: a kid finds a wizard in a dark tunnel and gains the power of his champion, allowing him to become a grown man with superpowers if he says the word “Shazam!” – this one could be quite entertaining!



If you liked Unbreakable and Split, you’re pretty much forced to watch this one. Even if the only reason is to know how the story ends.




Avengers Endgame

The final movie of the MCU’s phase 3! Disney has been pretty tight-lipped regarding the story of this one, but we’re pretty sure Thanos isn’t going to be very happy about it!



The Hellboy reboot stars David Harbour (the cop from Stranger Things) as the titular character and looks like it’s going to be radically different from the first movie iteration. So excited to see how this turns out, and hopefully we’ll see a few more sequels.




Captain Marvel

Remember when Marvel called Captain America the first Avenger? Well, they lied to us: it was actually Captain Marvel. The first MCU movie that has a female character in the lead, which is probably not something they should be so proud of after 20+ movies. Better late than never!