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Avengers: Endgame Theories After Trailer 2


In a few short weeks we’ll finally know how it all ends: will Thanos meet his demise at the hands of the Avengers or will we see another solution to the snapping problem? Marvel has been keeping the lid sealed pretty tightly as far as the plot of this movie is concerned, but there’s a few things we can expect to happen. Especially since the second trailer seems to have spoiled more than was probably intended (see below).


Here’s a few plausible theories for what we get to see in Avengers: Endgame based on the information we have right now.



Main Characters Will Die
This is probably an obvious one. Many of the older Avengers are almost done with their contracts, which means it’s the opportune time to recast people where necessary. Either through death or retirement – but let’s assume there’s going to be at least one death for dramatic effect.



There Will Be Time Travel
Yes, I know Kevin Feige said “no time travel”, but he also said “the title won’t be Endgame”. I mean, Ant-Man has to get out of that quantum realm somehow, right? Also, and this is probably a big-ish spoiler despite it being in the trailer, but the white suits from the second trailer are so-called “quantum suits”, allowing the Avengers to travel through the quantum realm. And we all know time works differently there.

Tony And Nebula Survive Space
Perhaps the biggest spoiler in trailer 2: Nebula and Tony are just walking there like casual people so unless Marvel is messing with our heads again and adding false shots to the trailers (remember Hulk in Wakanda for the Infinity War trailer?) this means that Nebula and Tony make it back from space safe and sound. That sure takes some of the tension off, doesn’t it?

Thanos Might Not Be The Real Enemy
I mean, Thanos did accomplish his goal, didn’t he? He’s just farming now. And he only has to provide food for half the universe because he wiped out the rest. If you think about it – maybe that was the real endgame. There’s no real reason for Thanos to want to fight, at least at the start of the movie.



A New Avengers Team Will Be Formed
We’re seeing a dramatic shift in the MCU lately, with more of a focus on the cosmic side of things. It’s safe to assume that the new phase of the MCU might split between a “ground-level” Avengers team with Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Black Panther et cetera while the other half might see a cosmic team with Captain Marvel, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy and whoever we run into.

Tony’s Left Arm
A pretty wacky theory, but apparently the MCU has been putting a lot of subliminal focus on Tony Stark’s left arm from the start of the first Iron Man. Now there’s a certain type of gauntlet that goes on the left arm in the MCU as well. Will he wield the Infinity Gauntlet and unsnap the snap? Oh, snap!

Dead Characters Will Return
Considering we already know characters like Black Panther, Spider-Man and probably Dr. Strange are getting sequels, this is kind of a given, isn’t it? They can’t be in a movie if they’re dead.



X-Men or Fantastic Four Tie-Ins
With Disney finally acquiring most of Fox’ properties, they now have the rights to use the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Remember that cosmic team theory I mentioned earlier? Now which… fantastic family would be best to act as a liaison between that team and the Earth team?

Return of Old Villains
With the pretty much guaranteed time travel, it’s safe to assume we’ll see some past villains in a new context. Assuming the Avengers go to do something with the stones in the past, we can expect to see Malekith, Loki, Ultron, Ronan and Red Skull again in some shape or form.