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Reasons Why Meghan Markle Is Awesome


One event that has held the media almost as much as the Brexit or the Corona virus was the infamous Megxit. Her and her husband, ex-prince Harry, have left the British royal house after being tired of the way the people and media treated her.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why those people were wrong and Meghan Markle is in fact an awesome person.

She’s an Avid Humanitarian

When people use their name and fame for a good cause, you can’t really hate them, can you? Meghan has been a firm believer in gender equality and helps out loads of charities defending those rights.

She Treats Everyone with Kindness

It seems like a basic thing to do – and it kind of is – but Meghan is always kind to people. It’s a rare feat to come across these days, and certainly becoming of a royal.

She has Great Style

Even before she was a Duchess, Meghan has always had a great sense of style that integrated perfectly with her life as a part of the royal family.

She Reminds People of Diana

Let’s be honest: Diana was the previous woman that shook up the British royal family a bit, and the way Meghan has been handling things surely mimics the way Diana did it.

She’s a Feminist

For a family and country that’s pretty much entirely run by a single woman, you’d think they’d appreciate a feminist in the royal family a bit more.

She’s an Atypical Monarch

Maybe that’s something the British don’t like, but if there was ever a monarchy that needed someone to shake things up a little, it’s the British one.