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Kaley Cuoco Career Through The Years


Kaley Cuoco was born in California to a home decorator and a real estate agent. With that wild combination of parents, you can already tell that baby Kaley is set for some wild adventures later in life.

As a child, Kaley had a knack for tennis and even entered some competitions, but her priorities suddenly changed when she got her first film debut in 1995’s Virtuosity, where Kayle appeared side-by-side Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. 

A little later, there were small TV shows and indie films, such as Ladies Man, Mr. Murder, and Picture Perfect.

In 2002, when Cuoco was sixteen years old, she was invited to appear in the series 8 Simple Rules, where she played a school star that most of the boys were in love with. 

In 2004, Kaley was bumped to a series regular for the show’s final season and was offered some other TV projects. You may remember seeing her as one of the witches in this little-known show called Charmed. This role probably did more good to Kaley’s career than anything else she’d starred in.

Over the next few years, Kaley mainly picked small roles in TV shows, like those two episodes of Prison Break. Maybe she wasn’t confident in her acting skills, but her next project changed everything.

In 2007, her career started anew with the Big Bang Theory, bringing Kaley worldwide fame almost instantly. On the show, she played Penny, a very beautiful but not the brightest girl around, who also happened to be living next door to Leonard and Sheldon —  two nerdy scientist boys. With each season, the series’ ratings kept growing, and since 2010, Cuoco’s paychecks tripled, going from 60k to 200k per episode.

After the Big Bang Theory, Kaley finally managed to make her way to the big screen, even though it was just her voice. In 2011, she voiced Sam O’Hare in an animated movie Hop, and a few years later, she was cast in Authors Anonymous, which sadly was a big bust.

In 2015, she got the role of Katie in Matthew McDuffy’s road drama Burning Bodhi, where she co-stars Sasha Peters and Virginia Madsen. 

Around the same time, she also lends her voice to Eleanor in the animated movie Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. Can you guess how well it did in the box office? Yeah, it wasn’t that great, but at least Kaley didn’t quit her voice acting career. Her next big project after the BBT finale was voicing Harley Quinn on the eponymous R-rated HBO show. 

Then in 2020, the world saw the release of the Flight Attendant mini-series. It was a decent mystery show, but not quite the caliber of the Big Bang Theory.

In 2005, the FHM magazine named Kaley Cuoco, the 77th sexiest woman in the world. Three years later, in the same ranking, she was bumped to 21st place. And in 2014, she was #5!

With Kaley’s unbelievable looks and undeniable talent, there’s no telling what kind of a project she will appear in the future. Hopefully, we’ll see her doing something fun soon!