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Judith & Robin Find Filming Locations and Recreate the Scene


There’s something special about stumbling upon a filming location and instantly recognizing what movie it comes from. It adds a little special to your trip and it makes it all the more memorable. You’d be lucky enough if you could find one or two of those locations in a lifetime, but some people have made an actual sport out of finding as many of these locations as possible.

If we’re talking about people that really take it to the next level, there’s Judith & Robin. They have an Instagram page called secretfamousplaces and not only do they actively hunt down filming locations – they’ve turned a sport out of recreating the specific scene where you should be recognizing it from. They even match their clothing and body language as good as they can to make it seem all the more impressive.

And if we’re being entirely honest, some of these finds are pretty damn impressive. By now pretty much the whole world knows that Dubrovnik was the filming location for all the Red Keep scenes in Game of Thrones, but these two have moved way beyond Game of Thrones

They’re reenacting scenes from Lord of the Rings and even some Marvel movies, the Harry Potter series, … You name it, they’ve got it. They don’t even always visit the locations with the best weather from what I can tell from the pictures.

It’s a fun thing to look at, and you can tell they’re having fun recreating these scenes too. So for your next trip, be sure to look up some filming locations in advance and let this duo inspire you to give your holiday a unique touch. 

We’ve all seen the typical tourist selfies anyway. Nobody needs to take another picture of them pushing the Tower of Pisa ever again. Be more than what you are, be like Judith & Robin!