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Hollywood’s Most Down to Earth Celebrities


When you think about Hollywood celebrities, there’s often an image of them being out of touch with the normal world. They spend their time in absolute luxury, being revered by pretty much everyone that crosses their path. It’s hard to imagine they know what it feels like to live paycheck to paycheck and make ends meet at the end of the month. When you add all that up together, it’s only natural that we assume they don’t live in the same plane of existence as us normal mortals do.

Thankfully, some Hollywood celebrities are very overtly an exception to this rule. They’re the most humble and down to Earth people you could meet. It does a lot to make these people seem more approachable and likeable. Let’s take a look at some down to Earth Hollywood celebrities.

Jeff Goldblum

Not only is the man a walking meme, he’s also the most approachable celebrity out there. Not seldom you’ll find him handing out autographs and actually thanking the fans for it, which is just one of the many examples of this man’s humble and thankful attitude. And let’s not forget that this man has such a huge amount of wit and charm.

Chris Pratt

Despite a small thing on Twitter where Chris Pratt was suddenly deemed the “least likeable Chris in the MCU”, colleagues and friends were quick enough to come to Chris’ defence since – as we all pretty much assumed – he’s a genuinely good guy. I mean, the guy dresses up as Star Lord and goes visiting sick kids at the hospital, for crying out loud.


Adele is known as a very quirky and always-herself kind of artist. She never tries to be better than who or what she is, never drops the juicy British accent, and is never not nice to people. And even though she’s one of the biggest stars on the planet, she’s still a huge Rihanna fangirl.

Hugh Jackman

This guy is generally seen as one of the sweetest people on the planet. He’s a very genuine person that is always willing to interact with fans or coworkers, without ever pretending he’s better than them. And how can you hate a guy with an Australian accent that perfect?

Keanu Reeves

It’s known wide and far that Keanu is just a top tier bloke. He doesn’t deal in big luxuries, nor does he avoid people. He’s been known to chit-chat with random people he runs into, give people a seat on the subway, and he gives huge amounts of money to charity. 

The Rock

This guy pretty much wins all the “good guy” awards a man can possibly win. He’s a family man, super approachable, shares a lot of his life on social media, has the most positive attitude of anyone on the planet and is always thankful for where he is in life. And when his fence malfunctions and he has to get to work, he just rips the fence out. That’s dedication.

Tom Hanks

Another Hollywood celebrity that’s known for being one of the nicest people on the planet. Tom Hanks hasn’t even had any sort of negative press in his entire career – which is even more amazing considering this guy has been around for several decades. He’s known as one of the nicest people on the planet, a perfect husband to his wife, and a very modest and quirky guy. How could anyone hate this guy?