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9 Worst TV Series Finales of All Time


Eventually, everything comes to an end, including TV shows. If the writers did a good job, the viewers would get a bittersweet finale with every plot line neatly wrapped up. But there are also times when the last episode of the entire series is hard to follow, makes no sense, and just feels like a slap to the face.

Here are the nine worst TV series finales of all time!

1.Lois & Clark

One of the worst series finale types is when the writers had yet to learn it would be the last episode. Lois and Clark started off fresh, but with each season, it kept getting worse to the point where the odd couple had a half-human half-Kryptonian baby. The creators of the show later commented that the following season was going to feature a fast-growing baby, which would add another layer of plot twists. Thankfully, the network decided that people had had enough of suffering already and shut the show down.

2.How I Met Your Mother

When you have a title that pretty much describes how the show should end, it’s not the greatest idea to then do a 180 and destroy everything you’ve built over the years. It should have ended with Ted meeting Tracy, the titular mother, but instead, the writers roped poor Robin into it, even though their relationship is full of textbook toxicity. Also, the fact that Ted got the love of his life, had two kids together, and then rolled back to his ex when the wife died, is kinda weird.


You can tell the writers had no idea how to end this show because Gregory House would never do such a stupid thing as faking his own death to ride into the sunset with his dying friend. You could argue that the last season changed him, but it didn’t. It just makes no sense from the story’s perspective. But the old cast members appearing as cameos was a nice touch.

4.Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men is not the best show in the world, and it got even worse after Charlie Sheen was fired for talking crap about the showrunners. They hated him so badly that they killed his character twice on that show. The first time they threw him under a train, and the second time, in the series finale, a random piano fell right on his head. Then the camera reveals Chuck Lorre sitting in the director’s chair, yelling “Winning!” parodying Sheen’s catchphrase, and then another piano falls on him. Care to explain what the heck we just watched, Mr. Lorre?

Charlie Sheen

5.The Office

Ask any Office fan, and they’ll tell you that the show has not been great after Steve Carell left it. Not only was it drawn out and felt directionless, but it also screwed up the finale as well. It’s just a gallery of past cast members again and maybe like two good moments. And why were the cameras still following the cast members? To get some extra Blu-ray footage? Who knows.


Fans’ opinion of the Lost finale is quite polarizing. Some say it’s amazing, while others think it’s stinky dog poop. It turns out that the original ending really had to be changed due to the lack of budget. The battle between John and Locke was supposed to take place on top of the volcano, where the smoke monster came from. Of course, this does not affect the main twist of the Purgatory finale in any way, but who knows how they wanted to present it initially.


Seinfeld’s finale is indisputably one of the dumbest episodes ever written. We have our series regulars – Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, going to prison for not helping out a random man on the street. To prove that they’re actually decent people, they turn their trial into a huge parade of cameos from the previous seasons. And in the end, all four of them land behind bars. 


By season 8 of the show, fans have already completely forgotten why they started watching a series about a righteous serial killer. There were no plot twists, the tension was gone, and Dexter got neutered, leaving us only with a version of Michael C. Hall. But the finale trumped even that. The creators made some pretty dumb plot twists like Deb dying and Dexter stealing her body, then there were unnecessary flashbacks, and after that, our favorite maniac somehow survives a poorly made CGI storm and is now living his days as a sad Lumberjack Dexter. Who’s the real killer now, huh?

9.The Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones series finale had everything the fans could ever want: destruction, death of main characters, dragons, Bran Stark becoming the King of Westeros, a fun sequel bait for Arya- wait, Bran actually became the King and won the Game of Thrones? Why not Tyrion or at least Jon Snow? And then there are the characters we knew and loved who were doing absolutely uncharacteristic things. This is what you get when you veer away from the source material – a pretty little nothing.