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9 On-Screen Couples Who Would Never Be Together In Real Life


Love always wins. It has to; otherwise, what’s the point, right? Well, the truth is, it’s just a fairy tale for the kids and lonely people who need something to hang on to. That’s why there’s so much relationship drama on TV, which usually have a happy ending. Most of the time, we as viewers are rooting for the will-they-won’t-they couple simply because it’s fun. But have you ever watched a TV show or a movie with a romantic subplot and thought to yourself, “Those two would never even look at each other in real life!” Because I know I have.

Here are some on-screen couples who would have zero chance of ending up together in real life!

1. Ross and Rachel, Friends

Let’s start off with a timeless classic. Both Rachel and Ross are super unhealthy for each other, and it shows every time they get back together from a break. Aside from being in a toxic relationship, Ross is a 5, while Rachel is a 10. That’s just silly.

2. Penny and Leonard, The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has given hope to all the nerdy boys around the world who were trying to chase their beautiful dream. Hopefully, not in a literal sense because stalking is a horrible way to start a relationship. Either way, what are the chances that a hottie like Penny would fall in love with someone like Leonard? Extremely low.

3. Nanny Fran and Mr. Sheffield, Nanny

A loud, annoying, but moderately attractive nanny somehow ends up with a timid and sophisticated Broadway producer. In what world, I ask you? She would never even pass the initial interview, let alone be left in a mansion with the kids.

4. Bella and Edward, The Twilight Saga

We all know Eddie is a manipulative vampire who’s always trying to tell Bella what to do without considering her feelings first. Even though such marriages are not uncommon in the real world, they usually don’t last long.

5. Chuck and Sarah, Chuck

I like a campy secret agent story as much as the other guy, but you gotta make it at least somewhat believable. It’s not that Zachary Levy looks bad; it’s just that being a computer geek, he somehow woes Yvonne Strahovski’s character, who is so far out of his league you can’t even see it on the world map!

6 Eleanor and Chidi, The Good Place

Eleanor is a selfish, booze-loving party animal, while Chidi is the most morality-obsessed philosopher who only sees the world in black and white. They’re like water and oil, or at least they should be. But the show butts their heads so many times they actually fall in love with each other. It will only work if it took them a whole eternity to get to that point. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what happened!

7. Scott and Ramona, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

I think we’re beginning to see a pattern here. A nerdy guy meets the hottest girl, and they hit it off because… plot reasons? Yeah, normally, someone like Ramona wouldn’t even spit in the direction of Scot Pilgrim, but hey, we got a fun Edgar Wright movie out of that!

8. Ron and Hermione, Harry Potter

Ron is not the brightest, nor is he the most handsome, yet as if by magic, he ends up with the most fantastic of all the beasts — Hermione. Yes, you can say they’ve been friends for so long that Ron deserves her, but what exactly does he have to offer in this relationship? Theirs would have been the most obvious “green card marriage” ever recorded.

9. Andy and April, Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec has some of the wildest couples on TV, including Andy and April. In a nutshell, their relationship only works because Andy is an idiot, and April hates everyone. It’s the classic “cat-dog” love story, which is plausible only for entertainment purposes.