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9 Most Beautiful Korean Dorama Actresses


When it comes to beauty and refining one’s appearance, Asian women are second to none. They know every single trick in the book and use that knowledge to become even more gorgeous than they already are. One could say it’s not fair, but there’s no such thing as fairness in show business unless we’re talking about equal pay and equal opportunities for everyone.

All this means is that Asian women, Korean ladies, in particular, are the most beautiful in the world. And you know damn well, those dorama actresses are the creme of the crop, so let’s look around and try to discover which Korean actresses are the most attractive.

1. Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung is a 30-year-old gorgeous model and a remarkable actress. This beauty has won several model contests and fashion awards in addition to having an active movie career. You may have seen her in Love+Sling, The Doctors, and the more recent show Dr. Romantic 2.

2. Han Hyo-Joo

Han Hyo-Joo is a 33-year-old actress from Cheongju, South Korea. Like many ladies on this list, Han’s been quite busy with her schedule, counting over 30 projects over the past 15 years. Her best-known roles were in TV shows like Brilliant Legacy and Dong Yi, which won her the Best Actress title at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

3. Park Bo-young

This 30-year-old Korean actress is probably best known for her photos leaking online, but that unfortunate incident did not deter Park Bo-young from starring in hit movies like The Silenced, On Your Wedding Day, and many others.

4. Kim Yoo Jung

Kim got her first acting award when she was just eight years old, so you can imagine how far she’s come. Actually, you don’t have to imagine a thing, since we’re about to tell you. This 21-year-old beauty has won 18 film awards (so far), and in 2017 was ranked as #8 on Forbes “Korea Power Celebrity” list.

5. Lee Ji-Eun

Singer, songwriter, model, actress — is there anything Lee Ki-Eun can’t do? Her artistic career started in 2008, when she was 15, and now she literally has won dozens of music awards, including the Melon Music Award, Seoul Music Award, Golden Disk Award, and Korean Music Award, to name a few.

6. Bae Suzy

Compared to other actresses we’ve seen so far, Bae Suzy’s project list is not all that impressive, but for a 26-year-old star, it’s still a lot. Her most recent project is the drama Start Up on Netflix, where she’s playing an aspiring entrepreneur.

7. Park Shin Hye

Shin Hye is a 30-year-old actress and singer who got her big break in 2003, thanks to Stairway to Heaven and Tree of Heaven — two classic dorama. In 2015, she was 33rd on Forbes “Korea Power Celebrity” list to then be boosted to #2 in 2017.

8. Moon Chae-won

This 34-year-old angel’s first significant appearance was in Brilliant Legacy, which was one of the highest-rated doramas of 2009. And two years later, Chae-won absolutely crushed it in the 2011 blockbuster War of the Arrows. Her most recent project was the 2020’s Flowers of Evil, which sadly is not on Netflix.

9. Seo Ye Ji

And lastly, we have the 31-year-old starlet Seo Ye Ji, widely known for playing in that cringey sitcom Potato Star. But fame is fame, and she moved on to better projects like Another Way, Lawless Lawyer, and the recent hit Recalled.