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8 TV Shows That Became Legendary


You can binge-watch them for hours, forgetting about sleep or work. You can remember the exact quotes and even try to imitate the voices and mannerisms of the actors. Some of them are so good that just thinking about them keeps you up at night, and as soon as you finish the final episode, you feel a little bit empty inside. These are the qualities of truly legendary shows that we want to rewatch time and time again!

1. House MD

Although it has been nine years since the show’s finale, this series still holds up incredibly well and has a large army of fans. House MD managed to get at least 20 various film awards, a lot of which went straight to Hugh Laurie. And in 2012, there was a real case when doctors from Marburg were able to make a correct diagnosis, noting that a patient with similar symptoms was in the show.

2. Scrubs

Two best friends, Chris Turk and John Dorian, successfully graduated from medical school and now work in the clinic as “scrubs.” From the very first day, they get plunged into the chaotic world of healthcare and hospital shenanigans. All this makes a great platform for social commentary as well as silly fun!

3. Breaking Bad

Walter White works as a chemistry teacher. He has a loving wife and a disabled kid. It sounds like another boring family drama until the constant lack of money and a newly discovered lung cancer forces Walt to start cooking meth with his student Jesse Pinkman. Shenanigans ensue!

4. How I Met Your Mother

This is the story all about how Ted fell in love with a lovely gal. And now he’s telling this incredibly long and sometimes very funny story to his kids. Throughout the seasons, we follow the misadventures of Ted, his best friends Marshal and Lily, and the most legen- wait for it -dary, legendary wingman of all time — Barney. When Robin joins their little group, Ted decides it’s love, but fate has something else in store for him.

5. Malcolm in the Middle

When your dad is a man-child, your mom has severe control issues, and your brothers are all delinquents, you can’t help but feel like you’re stuck in the middle. But Malcolm doesn’t mind, and he kinda likes his wacky family. Each episode is full of crude jokes and gags, but in the end, it’s all about the family persevering.

6. Brooklyn 9-9

For several years now, Jake Peralta has been working as a detective in one of the New York police stations, but his carelessness prevents him from moving up the career ladder. The situation changes with the arrival of a new captain, who is used to making his employees give 100% effort. The entire district is made out of incredibly diverse detectives from lazy and old to fresh and giddy, which makes this show all the more relatable and fun to watch.

7. The Office

Anyone who has ever had an office job knows how messed up some of the people are. Through the eyes of the “documentary” film crew, we get to see drama, hilarious pranks, and of course, the romance of office workers at a major paper manufacturer. The main source of the jokes is the regional manager Michael Scott, who thinks he’s a genius comedian. But in reality, his weird jokes fall flat, and all we hear is an awkward silence. And yet, it’s somehow hilarious!

8. Star Trek: The Next Generation

A hundred years after Kirk and Spock, Captain Picard, navigator Crusher, android Data, and a Klingon Worf set out to explore space. The “Next Generation” finished shaping the face of the universe, introducing many new things into it. Without these new adventures and events, the “Star Trek” universe is nothing but a blip. It is still the most popular project in the franchise’s history, which makes it legendary in our minds.