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8 Insanely Rich Hollywood Stars Who Live Like Normal People


They can afford the most expensive cars, mansions, and other fancy things in life, but they prefer to spend their money wisely or not at all.

Here are eight filthy-rich celebs who live like normal people.

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, and he also requires very low maintenance in terms of everyday needs. The dream hubby of millions of women lives without mansions, villas, or fabulously expensive cars. The only fancy thing in his life is his luxurious motorcycle.

2. Keira Knightley

Keira often plays rich women covered in diamonds and rocking luxury dresses, but she often says that money doesn’t matter to her, unlike having family and loved ones. Kira is also sure that a person should not consider being above the rest just because they’re rich. She also considers luxurious houses, mansions, and other elements of a rich life evil.

3. Zooey Deschanel

When Zooey filed for divorce a few years back, some documents were leaked, and the public found out her monthly budget. It turned out that Zooey averaged $95,000 but spent only around $22,000. It’s unknown how much she had in savings, but it’s safe to assume it was quite a hefty sum. All in all, Zooey is a good example of responsible spending, and she participates in many different charity events.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Jen still lives in the same modest apartment that she bought when she just moved to Los Angeles, and has no plans to expand. While some other stars hire personal assistants to do their shopping, Jennifer enthusiastically cuts out discount coupons and visits supermarkets with affordable prices. Just so you know, her net worth was estimated by various sources to be around 160 million.

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5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo’s career blew up in 1997, as the world watched him drown in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Now his fortune is over $260 million. At the same time, Leo doesn’t spend much, with one exception: he bought an island for $2.4 million near Belize. Other than that, he recycles, and cares for the environment, does occasional UN speeches, and has only one car — a Toyota Prius.

6. Kristen Bell

The actress, known for starring in Veronica Mars and the Good Place, is famous for her money management. Kristen uses discount coupons and enjoys hunting for those special items. In one of the interviews, Bell mentions that while other celebrities arrange lavish weddings in exotic locations, Kristen and her husband had a simple ceremony that cost them $140, that’s including gas money.

7. Tobey Maguire

Tobey grew up in a rather poor environment due to many unfortunate reasons, including his parents’ divorce when he was two. In an interview, Tobey said that he would not want to waste the hard-earned money and end up broke as a vase. Yes, Tobey did buy a large estate in California, but he does not consider this purchase frivolous. On the contrary, it’s a good investment, which will increase in value over time.

8. Dave Grohl

The former Nirvana drummer and leader of the Foo Fighters has over $230 million, but in terms of spending, he’s pretty much at the bottom of the list. Dave tries to be a good businessman so that money is not a problem for him and his family. Plus, Grohl wants to be a good role model for his two daughters. One of his biggest purchases was a house in Los Angeles with a built-in recording studio. It was a hard decision to make, but having a studio in the house trumped every doubt he had.