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8 Curious Facts About Jason Momoa


Look at this handsome man! Do you recognize him? Of course, you do, he is Khal Drogo! Or, Aquaman, if you’re more into DC comics. Maybe you saw him in the “Conan the Barbarian” or in “Stargate: Atlantis”? Regardless of who he’s playing, Jason Momoa always looks like he’s about to kick some butt. Powerful, bold, and ambitious – as befits a buff Hawaiian guy who conquered Hollywood.

By the way, he is not only an actor but also a screenwriter, director, and producer. And if you want to know more, here are 8 curious facts about Jason Momoa!

1. Jason Momoa’s Ethnicity

Jason Momoa has an incredibly varied ancestry. His dad is a painter with deep Hawaiian roots, while his mother is a professional photographer with Native American and European blood flowing inside her. Did you know that Jason spent his early years in Iowa with his mom? Only in his twenties, he decided to move back to Hawaii.

Jason Momoa's Ethnicity | 8 Curious Facts About Jason Momoa | Brain Berries

2. How Tall Is Jason Momoa?

Jason Momoa’s height is 6’4″, but for some reason, he tells everyone he’s 6’5″. One inch less or one inch more doesn’t make that much of a difference when either way you’re a huge scary dude.

How Tall Is Jason Momoa? | 8 Curious Facts About Jason Momoa | Brain Berries

3. Jason Momoa’s Early Years

As mentioned before, Momoa spent his teens in Iowa, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a top model. Not many people remember the young Jason Momoa, but he did win Hawaii’s Model of the Year in ’99. After that, one thing lead to another, and our Fish-boy got himself an acting gig in Baywatch Hawaii. The rest is history.

Jason Momoa's Early Years  | 8 Curious Facts About Jason Momoa | Brain Berries

4. Jason Momoa’s Hobbies

We all know that acting is Momoa’s greatest passion, well, maybe aside from marine biology, but this man has tried and succeeded in countless other hobbies: guitar, surfing, pastel painting, traveling, Buddhism, and probably more. Just imagine this 6’5″ giant coming into an arts and crafts section like “can I get some pastels?”

5. Jason Momoa’s Tattoos

You’ve probably noticed that Momoa’s body is covered in all kinds of tattoos. And that tooth-like ink on his left arm is a tribute to “aumakua” – a god from Hawaiian mythos. The nine rows of triangles represent the sharp teeth of a shark. His other forearm has a French phrase tattooed on it, which says “always be drunk”, and he’s got his children’s initials on his chest.

Jason Momoa's Tattoos  | 8 Curious Facts About Jason Momoa | Brain Berries

6. Jason Momoa Went to High School With Superman

No, it wasn’t Henry Cavil, but can you imagine how weird that would have been? The Superman Momoa went to high school with is Brandon Routh, who’s actually going to reprise this role in Crisis on CW’s Infinite Worlds this season. Still, what a strange little coincidence.

Jason Momoa Went to High School With Superman | 8 Curious Facts About Jason Momoa | Brain Berries

7. Jason Momoa’s Beard

The Internet made a huge deal when Momoa shaved off his glorious beard. But why did he do it? If you didn’t catch that video, go look for it, but in short, he wanted to make it as big of a deal as possible to bring awareness about the harm that plastics are doing to our planet. His solution to pollution? 100% recyclable aluminum cans. The legendary beard did its job!

Jason Momoa's Beard | 8 Curious Facts About Jason Momoa | Brain Berries

8. Jason Momoa Played Two Comic Book Characters

We all remember Jason as Aquaman in “Justice League” and later his solo movie “Aquaman”. But there’s another feature film based on a comic book property where he got to flex all of his muscles – 2011’s “Conan the Barbarian”! Yup, that’s right, it’s based on a comic book, so it counts.