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11 Evolution Stages of Jason Momoa

A charming smile, an impressive physique, a beautiful head of hair – these are just some of his loveable traits in a long list of reasons why Jason Momoa’s fans are crazy about him.

10 Celebrity Couples With The Biggest Height Difference

When you walk around in your city you probably don’t think twice about all the couples that you see where the guy is much taller than the girl. It seems normal, doesn’t it? But somehow, when you see the same thing happen in a celebrity couple, the difference seems staggering. Especially if the difference isn’t just a couple of inches, but a foot or more!

8 Curious Facts About Jason Momoa

Look at this handsome man! Do you recognize him? Of course, you do, he is Khal Drogo! Or, Aquaman, if you’re more into DC comics. Maybe you saw him in the “Conan the Barbarian” or in “Stargate: Atlantis”? Regardless of who he’s playing, Jason Momoa always looks like he’s about to kick some butt. Powerful, bold, and ambitious – as befits a buff Hawaiian guy who conquered Hollywood.