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8 Chick Flicks That Guys Secretly Like


Chick flicks are generally regarded as movies aimed at a certain kind of woman. They often deal with romance, personal tragedy, and other tear-jerking situations. So why would a manly man want to go through any of that? Well, maybe they’re not as straight as they’d thought, or they genuinely like these kinds of stories. Or both.

Here are some chick flicks that guys will secretly enjoy.

1. Pitch Perfect

Becca, played by Anna Kendrick, discovers her uncanny ability to sing and joins the acapella group — The Bellas. Then there’s a singing contest drama, relationship issues, betrayal, oh, and then there’s the hilarious character of Rebel Wilson. Why do guys love this one? Let’s see. It has catchy tunes, Anna Kendrick is in it, it’s actually funny, and did I mention Anna Kendrick is in it? Yeah.

2. La La Land

What could be more heart-warming than seeing Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling singing and dancing like a love-crazed couple of loonies? These two want to reach the top no matter the cost. Both are absurdly talented, so watching their story unfold is a lot of fun not only for women but also for dude-bros, even if they don’t always admit it.

3. Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday is in a league of its own. There are several movie iterations of the “body swap” idea, but the one with Lindsay Lohan and Jaime Lee Curtis is most likely the funniest. Why else would it be regarded as a classic chick flick?

4. Friends With Benefits

The cutest couple, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are all about fun and don’t want any serious relationships. They knock boots a lot and very often, so much so that Justin’s character starts to develop feelings. Who wouldn’t? It’s Mila freaking Kunis, for Pete’s sake!

5. Mean Girls

Mean Girls is not the best movie in the world, but thanks to its stellar cast, it’s definitely a guy-friendly classic chick flick. Yeah, you heard me. The biggest reason men are ready to sit through this drama-filled non-sense is the abundance of hot girls in it. Young Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey — the list goes on!

6. Miss Congeniality

Gracie is an FBI agent who doesn’t need any man in her life because she’s as tough as they get. But one day, she received a secret mission that would take her out of her comfort zone. During the Miss America contest, Agent Gracie needs to become one of the contestants to bust some evil terrorists. It’s an action chick flick with Sandra Bullock, so you know men will love it!

7. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

When two people bet against each other, the result can surprise even the dullest critics. He’s trying to make their relationship last for as long as possible while she is doing her best to make him leave her. The hilarious situations that came out of this strange bet are enough to keep the boys tuned.

8. Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in the corner! This quote has been making rounds in all sorts of movies and TV shows throughout the decades, making this classic chick flick worthy of your time. Dirty Dancing is not just a rom-com, it’s also a real treat for anyone who enjoys hot dancing scenes. Yes, guys like dancing too! There’s nothing shameful about liking Dirty Dancing, especially when it includes Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.