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14 Game of Thrones Stars Before They Were Famous


To this day, Game of Thrones remains one of the most successful and popular shows in the world. Us fans used to look forward to watching the fresh new episodes and live-tweeting all the nasty details, but alas, the series concluded in 2019 with a less-than-stellar final season, and many people were furious. Whatever was the issue, it wasn’t the actors’ fault so let’s celebrate them a bit more! Many of the celebs have changed so much over the years that it is difficult to believe they are the same people.

Here are 14 Game of Thrones stars before they were famous.

Iain Glenn

Did you know that Ian starred in “Kingdom of Heaven” with Nikolai Coster-Waldau? On that note, he also shared a screen with Diana Rigg in classic Doctor Who.

Gwendoline Christie

Fans loved Gwen as Brienne long before she was officially cast. The actress accidentally found out about the role, read the books, and tweeted it to her followers. As we can see, it worked like a charm!

Jason Momoa

He is Cona, the barbarian, a dude from Stargate Atlantis, Khal Drogo, and now Aquaman. What more can a guy want?

Diana Rigg

Diana became quite popular thanks to the Briitish TV series The Avengers (1965-1968). Aside from that, she was a Bond girl and got featured in Doctor Who.

Kit Harington

The role of Jon Snow became Kit Harington’s first role. Isn’t that crazy? He’s a modern-day Harrison Ford!

Lena Headey

Lena Headey’s track record is very impressive: the Devil’s Advocate, The Jungle Book, The Brothers Grimm, Terminator: Battle for the Future, and of course, the legendary 300. That’s quite a reign!

Sean Bean

Sean Bean tends to die a lot in his roles, and Eddard Stark is not an exception. There are whole compilations of this man getting stabbed, shot at, beheaded, etc. It’s bizarre!

Aidan Gillen

Even though Petyr Baelish has become Aidan’s biggest role to date, he was excellent in The Wire and even showed up in The Dark Knight Rises.

Sophie Turner

The role of Sansa Stark opened many doors for the young actress, including a sweet gig at FOX’s X-Men franchise.

Rose Leslie

Before playing Ygritte – Jon Snow’s wildling lover – Rose Leslie portrayed a maid in the popular TV series Downtown Abbey.

Maisie Williams

Like many child actors, Maisie had to start somewhere, and what better place to start than an HBO hit? Arya Stark was the first experience for the young actress, but now we can claim that we saw her evolve right before our eyes.

Emilia Clarke

Imagine going to sleep and waking up as the Mother of Dragons. Like many others on this list, Game of Thrones was Emilia Clarke’s starting point. A few years later, she’s one of the most sought after talents on the planet!

Hafþór Björnsson

Try and guess how many movies Hafþór had done before becoming Gregor Clegane? The answer is zero. Yup, another debut! In real life, Björnsson is actually a powerlifter holding the title “Strongest Man on the Planet.”

Peter Dinklage

After a couple of semi-successful movies in the 2000s’, Dinklage was finally able to become famous for playing the role of Tyrion Lannister.