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11 Famous People You’ve Never Seen Young


There are a lot of famous people these days that we literally watched grow up on the screen.

Every kid in the Harry Potter movies? Yeah, we saw them grow from tiny 10-year-olds into awkward teenagers and then turn into bright and sophisticated men and women. Most Disney Channel kids – we watched them struggle to shed that Disney Channel vibe and try to settle into being adults. But you know what you rarely think of? All those celebs we only know as middle-aged people used to be young and looked very different. Ian McKellen wasn’t always a grey-bearded wizard, Betty White wasn’t just born as a hilarious grandma, and believe it or not Willie Nelson used to have short hair. Let’s take a look at some famous people you’ve probably never seen in their formative years.

1. Sir Ian McKellen

Who knew that apart from being Magneto and Gandalf, Sir Ian McKellan also used to be a hottie in the 70s.

2. Betty White

Even though most of you will know Betty White as one of the Golden Girls and then just a hilarious grandma, she used to be a very beautiful lady back in the day.

3. Sir Patrick Stewart

Star Trek’s Jean-Luke Picard and X-men’s professor X is a good looking man still, and weirdly enough he looked like this for a while. Patrick Stewart lost his hair as a young man, but have you seen what great shape he is to this day? Google it, the man is 79 and he can still wear tight t-shirts.

4. Regis Philbin

Regis and Kelly was an iconic duo, but we’re kind of used to Regis being an old man, slightly out of touch with what’s cool and Kelly was the younger hip one. Well, look how Regis looked like in his prime.

5. James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones had quite the looks as a young man, I mean, look at him. He must’ve been very popular with the ladies in his day.

6. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is a very classy lady, but I’ve honestly never even thought about what she must’ve looked like as a young girl. Now we know.

7. Bernie Sanders

How did Bernie’s hair go from those adorable curls to what he has now? That’s a shame. He used to be such a cute young man.

8. Willie Nelson

Most people we know who are older than us went from hippies to suits, but it looks like Willie Nelson decided to go about it the other way and become a hippie in his older years. Up until this point, we couldn’t even imagine him in a suit.

9. Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton is a very interesting actress and we love her sense of style, but the first time I saw her was in Annie Hall and in this photo she’s even younger.

10. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has looked the same for several decades now and we thought he just always looked like that. But as you can see he looked quite different as a young man. Is it weird that we prefer his current look more?

11. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart might be 78 but she still looks phenomenal, however, look at her as a young girl. She looks like she belongs on the cover of Vogue.