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10 Curious Facts About Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is an actress who does not need an introduction. It is hard to believe that she once worked as an ordinary waitress and could not even imagine that she would reach such heights at such a young age.

Even though we know a lot about Jennifer, her career, and her personal life, there are still some fun facts left to tell!

1. Yoga Fan

Jennifer Aniston is a big fan of yoga, both the physical side and the philosophical. A healthy diet is also her forte, so putting the two together, she has achieved a body that can easily be called the most beautiful in Hollywood.

2. Ancestry

It turns out that Jennifer’s last name is not Aniston, but Anastassakis, which she decided to shorten because it is too complicated for show business. She got this last name from her grandfather, who emigrated from Greece to the USA. The actress’s mother, on the other hand, had Scottish-Italian roots, with a pinch of Scottish royal blood.

3. Talent for Painting

At a young age, Jennifer was fascinated by painting and wasn’t half bad at it. One of her early works was even put in an art museum exhibition. But the actress never saw herself as an artist, probably because she wanted to afford good food and nice clothes.

4. The Big Slim-Down

The beginning of Jennifer’s journey to stardom was thorny because her parents did not believe in her success on the screen, and the first agent was quite demanding. Then the actress had to deal with her appearance and began to lose weight to stay competitive in Hollywood. It’s hard to imagine, but Jenn lost 13 kilograms before she could fit into a role.

5. The “Friends” Switcheroo

Initially, Aniston was cast for the role of Monica Gellar, but the actress managed to convince the producers that she was perfect for the character of Rachel Green, and she was not wrong. Her biggest success in cinema started with “Friends,” as the iconic 90s sitcom was a gateway to many of her future movies.

6. The “Rachel” Haircut

It turns out that Rachel Green’s hairstyle, which was copied by millions of women around the world, was a pure accident. The actress’s stylist accidentally cut off her bangs before filming one of the episodes, so they had to improvise a brand-new hairstyle.

7. The Dog Tattoo

The actress had a favorite dog named Norman, who died in 2011. To commemorate her best furry friend, Aniston got herself a “Norman” tattoo on her foot.

8. Guinness Book of Records

When Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram, she ended up in the Guinness Book of Records! Her followers bombarded her page, and in almost 6 hours, she was already looking at over 1 million followers. Currently, more than 40 million people are subbed to the star’s account.

9. Personal life and kids

Jennifer’s heart is still unshackled, although there have been some rumors that she and Brad Pitt were up to something recently. To be fair, it’s just wishful thinking of her fans. Probably. Regarding becoming a mother, Aniston admitted that she was always afraid of it, but she does not rule out that one day a child will enter her life.

10. Cake Scars Fakeout

This one time in 2014, Jennifer was caught outside by the paparazzi. She was not wearing makeup and had these nasty scars on her face. People started spinning theories. Maybe Brad Pitt cut her, and she was just hiding the scars very well. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe… Maybe… Well, it turns out that was her rocking makeup for the movie Cake. But the Internet will never forget those outlandish theories.