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10 Actors Whose Careers Imploded After They Lost Weight


Fans are used to seeing celebrities slim and fit, gasping and snarking every time a star gets chubbier. How dare they? They’re supposed to be perfect forever and always! However, there is another side of the story — excessive thinness, which is not uncommon in Hollywood, can cause even more harm. Sometimes losing that extra weight not only makes the stars sick it also damages their career.

Here are 10 celebrities who lost more than just weight.

1. Rebel Wilson

Relatively recently, the Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson has lost 25 pounds thanks to a special secret technique. She drank a lot of fluids, ate every six hours, and went to bed early. Yup, that’s the big secret. But where is she now? Nowhere to be seen.

2. John Goodman

John decided to lose weight after talking with his doctor, who delivered him the news: lose the extra pounds or die. Sometimes there’s just no time for the career, especially when you’re fighting for your life.

3. Jonah Hill

Similar to Goodman, Hill also hit that “danger” mark on his scales. Let’s face it, nobody wants to kick the bucket when they’re young and successful, so health comes first. Hopefully, his acting career will recover soon.

4. Seth Rogen

If you dig in your memory long enough, you’ll remember Seth as this awkward guy with a beer gut, but it all changed when he started filming The Green Hornet in 2011. He lost 30 pounds, but the movie still sucked. In the next few years, Seth only appeared once or twice on camera, and now he’s producing some of the best shows like the Boys and Invincible.

5. Jessica Simpson

A few years ago, Jessica had a nervous breakdown because of her excess weight. But she was able to pull herself together and shed enough pounds not only for the upcoming wedding but also to keep her sanity intact.

6. Zak Galifianakis

Zak lost a lot of weight after marrying his beloved Queen Lundberg, and he probably thought this change would benefit his acting career in some way. While he did get a couple of more serious roles, ultimately, it wasn’t enough.

7. Kelly Osbourne

Losing weight was only part of the changes in Kelly’s life. Before this, she was quite unhappy with her image, even though people loved that punk-rock/goth aesthetic. However, after the transformation, she became much happier, but the movie producers did not love the new Kelly.

8. Janet Jackson

Janet was very worried that her figure had become too round, and she wasn’t wrong. Singers’ careers don’t usually plummet when they lose or gain weight, but for some reason, Janet’s creative juices ran out for quite a while. Maybe that’s because she was enjoying the good life? Who knows.

9. America Ferrera

Sometime after the 2010s, the star of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” America Ferrera, lost over 30 pounds, but she’s gained even more due to her recent pregnancy. Ferrera doesn’t seem to care about the extra weight this time, which could mean she’ll be risking her career. But motherhood and self-care come first.

10. Roseanne Barr

Did you know that in the 1990s, Roseanne weighed 350 pounds? When she recently slimmed down, some people thought that it would help her career. And at the time, it did, as she came back with her old sitcom, “Roseanne.” Unfortunately, this also coincided with the big controversy on Twitter and resulted in her career getting shanked in the gut. Was it due to the weight loss, or was it about the controversy? You decide.