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Why The Harry And Meghan Car Chase Story Keeps Getting Weirder


In case you weren’t aware of this strange situation with the ex-Royals that’s been going on for way too many years now and just won’t go away, despite how badly we’re trying to ignore it. In the previous seasons of the Royal Drama: Prince Harry of Wales, now just known as the Duke of Sussex, got married to an actress and is still not quite in the loop about how well the game of pretend works. In this case, the “princess” is pretending to be his mom, but not the way you think.

We all know Harry’s dear old mum was the beloved and tragically departed Princess Diana. Ever since Meghan Markle married Harry, she’s been trying to actively get people to compare her to Diana, to put it bluntly. After all, actors prefer having their characters written in advance, and it helps that, in this case, it’s someone the public actually loved, right? Consider this: even the current Queen is still not properly accepted because most Brits still see her as Diana’s replacement.

What recently happened in New York baffled everyone. Harry and Meghan came to the press, claiming they’d been in a long high-speed car chase with the paparazzi in New York, and it nearly ended in a fatal accident. Knowing how Diana died and considering the context mentioned earlier, it doesn’t take too much brain power to put two and two together here. And yes, the unimaginable happened not a full day after the alleged car chase. The taxi driver that was transporting Harry and Meghan said there was no real chase and the situation was safe. The New York mayor also confirmed there was no car chase, and he couldn’t imagine there could even be one. But that’s not the weirdest part of all.

The weirdest part of it all is Harry and Meghan’s bodyguard. You see, the small bits of footage that were available show Harry and Meghan walking out of the venue through the front door and interacting with the waiting paparazzi. So weird that car chases in New York in 2023 didn’t get on anyone’s TikTok, huh? Either way, their bodyguard used to work for a certain president, let’s call him Barack Obama, and is widely regarded in the business as “the back door master.” He basically built his career on making high-profile people exit buildings without anyone noticing. Let that sink in for a moment. Yeah, he built his career on making celebrities literally disappear. And we’re supposed to believe that the one night this man did his job like the rest of us and half-assed it, it nearly ended in a carbon copy of the fatal accident that befell Harry’s mom Diana? Despite having years of experience in being the self-proclaimed pro at his job?

So yes, it’s not clear what we, as the public, are supposed to think of this, but even Oprah would still defend Meghan Markle at this point. And the only positive change we can hope to achieve is for Harry to start seeing her for the manipulative person she is. The sooner, the better. No one knows why Meghan Markle is doing this, but hopefully, the rest of us will take off the rose-tinted glasses and witness her true visage. We’re not saying the British Royal Family didn’t deserve a good ol’ scandal, but this is just a whole new level.