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Why Melania Trump Never Had More Children After Barron


Now that her husband is no longer the POTUS, it seems like Melania has taken no time at all to adjust to her life of obscurity and being away from the spotlight. Contrary to what you’d expect from an ex-model, she actually doesn’t like to be the center of attention that much and has decided to focus her time on keeping her family nice and happy. But if she’s all about being a family woman, why not have a few more lil’ Trumps running around the estate?

Believe it or not, her reasons are totally understandable. For one thing, her life kind of got too busy for another kid. After coming to America all the way from Slovenia and trying to make a life for herself in the glitter and glamour of showbiz, the poor thing ran into Donald Trump and never really managed to get away from him. Trump already had four kids with two different women when the two of them met, but Melania wanted a child for herself as well. Barron was born in 2006, which was about eight years after Melania and Donald first ran into each other.

When asked about a second child, Melania always said she’d be up for one if her life wasn’t as busy. She also often referred to Donald as her “big baby,” which we can now all confirm is a very accurate description of the man. Despite many rumors over the years, some more recent than others, Melania never did have a second child with Donald Trump. Ex-POTUS himself shot down the questions about their second child pretty hard right before his presidential campaign, claiming that it wasn’t even something they were thinking about at that time.

And now you’re probably thinking, “Melania can’t be that busy. And if she is, why doesn’t she just get a nanny?” Well, that’s the other part of the problem. Melania prides herself on being a hands-on mom that raises her own children and spends all the necessary time with them to help them grow up and develop as human beings. She feels like having your child raised by a nanny prevents you from really knowing and connecting with your kid, which she wanted to avoid at all costs. Even during her husband’s presidential campaign, Melania always tried to put Barron’s interests first and made sure his life was as normal running as possible. And that’s why she’ll always be a better mom than her husband was a president.

Who knows, maybe in the near future, she’ll have enough time to have another baby, but so far, while this topic is off the table, she is doing a lot of charity work for kids all over the world. And that is a great outlet for all that motherly energy she’s been stockpiling all these years. Good job, Melania!