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Vera Wang’s Daughters: Where Are They Now?


You all know Vera Wang as this legendary wedding dress designer, who has her own clothing line that only the richest and most stylish of celebs can afford. Did you know that she’s also a loving mother and a real hoot at parties, even in her 70s? And speaking of parties, she enjoys spending time with her friends but even more so with her two lovely daughters – Cecilia and Josephine.

Every time Vera gets a chance to talk about her girls, she’ll gladly take it, and you better be listening. Be it about their hobbies, what they choose to wear, or their academic achievements, their mom will tell you everything you never wanted to know. Even though the sisters aren’t as famous as their mother, they still grew up with fashion stuff all around them. By the way, both Cecilia and Josephine were adopted by Vera and her ex-husband Arthur Becker in 1990 and 1993, respectively. Even after the divorce in 2012, Vera has maintained a close relationship with her daughters. Ever since the girls were little, they were always in the center of their mom’s career, whether they liked it or not. 

Here is a 5-week-old Cecilia helping Vera at the office. That’s so cute!

All three of them used to live in Manhattan, and they probably still have a comfy house there full of stylish clothes that they can visit anytime. Since they were little, Cecilia and Josephine wore designer clothes for almost every occasion, from Christmas and Halloween to graduation outfits and beyond. 

Of course, Vera wasn’t smothering them with her style and allowed them to experiment with their own ideas, which sometimes resulted in unusual combinations. Eventually, Cecilia and Josephine were able to showcase their style at prestigious events. It’s interesting that their style looks nothing like their mother’s. The sisters use much darker colors, and in general, prefer minimalistic patterns and girly accents. Even to an untrained eye, it’s clear that the girls have found their stylistic voice, and they’re not afraid to use it.

The innate sense of style is not the only thing the sisters have going for them. Did you know that Cecilia went to the University of Pennsylvania, and Josephine studied at Harvard University? Their brains are loaded with knowledge, and Vera can’t wait for the world to witness her daughters’ achievements. The problem is that neither of them is chasing after fame and glory. For example, Josephine has her Instagram page set to private, and Cecilia just does whatever she feels like doing. You can clearly tell that privacy is their number one priority, and that’s fine, taking into account that all their lives, the sisters have been on display.

Despite having their own families and personal issues, Cecilia and Josephine had never turned down their mommy when she requested help from them. Whether it’s design advice, doing an interview, or recommending a good book to read, the sisters are always ready to support Vera, and that’s incredibly wholesome.