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Never Fall in Love with These Zodiac Signs. And Here Is Why!


Not everyone is destined to love, as portrayed in romance books and on TV. People show feelings in different ways, but for some of us, they are completely alien. Astrology fanatics usually distinguish these six Zodiac signs which are very tough to love.

One moment you think you’re perfect for each other, but next thing you know, your partner disappoints you with their inability to show love, and it’s all ruined. Of course, not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance, but maybe you should avoid falling in love with these signs, just to be sure.


If you’re looking for a boring and predictable partner — keep looking. You simply cannot tame an Aquarius. At first, they will rebel against you and then pretend to be dead to be left alone if that doesn’t work. Aquarius does not want to be shoved into a cage, no matter how luxurious it is. And if someone tries to catch them, they’ll immediately retaliate and dump that person.


Unless you’re a big fan of hearing your Gemini partner’s voice all the time, you might want to back out, while you still can. These astral walkie-talkies will chat for hours on end about the most trivial things that happened to them during the day, only to pout at you for not sharing.


The laziest of all the Zodiac signs, these people just don’t know when to start doing their tasks. Time management is their weakness, and it shows in critical situations. It’s like they get high on almost missing their deadlines. Do you really want to spend the rest of your days with someone who may or may not be “there” on time?


Not only are Libras more predisposed to becoming heavy drinkers, but their indecisiveness and lack of backbone can sometimes mess up their lives and the lives of people close to them. One bad day at work, and they’ll be nagging your ears off while flushing their feelings down with big swigs of wine.


Unlike Virgo, Capricorns are workaholics who often don’t have enough time for the lovey-dovey stuff. These people can be extremely petty and simply forget someone out there loves them. If you are already married to a Capricorn, you may be getting the cold shoulder more times than you deserve.


Scorpios are cruel, life-sucking beasts who will treat you like a pack of soggy fries unless they know your whole life story. Only then will they drop the act and let you rub their bellies. Just don’t forget they still have that venomous stinger ready to lunge at you at any moment because now they know all about you. Tread carefully!