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Artist Transforms Regular Items Into Modern Architectural Marvels — Felipe de Castro


Have you ever looked at a common household object and thought, “Gee, I wonder what this sponge would look like if it were the size of a stadium!” If you have, then, wow, that’s quite a coincidence because here’s someone with the same creative mindset!

Felipe de Castro is a 33-year-old Brazilian architect and urban planner from Rio de Janeiro who gets easily inspired by almost every small thing around him. Ever since Felipe was a child, he had a wild imagination, which eventually guided him towards the dream job.

He sees the world differently than most of us, transforming USB sticks and toys into unique architectural masterpieces. Granted, his sketches are sloppy at times, but it’s the concept that counts. So let’s check some of his coolest work!

Increasing the size of an iPhone stand and adding a wild crowd of rock fans makes the whole concept look like a big concert stage, and it’s oddly appropriate.

I don’t know where our Brazilian architect got that PS5, but I am mighty impressed that at least someone thinks its design is not crap.

Even a baby rattle can become some sort of a planetarium or maybe even a botanical garden. Neat!

Remember those days when 256MB flash drives were considered to be top-tier? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Imagine living in those “prongs.” It would probably be the most narrow living space in the world. Not very luxurious, but still better than nothing, right?

Stacked food serves as a perfect example that anything is possible as long as you turn on your imagination and let the ideas flow through you.

Bread bowl turning into a railway station? You don’t see that kind of transformation every day. In fact, I’ve never seen a bowl like that either.

With our beloved resident virus around, face masks have become a daily necessity. But what if we take those folds and make a hospital out of them?

It’s weird that a microphone turns into a hotel and not some recording studio. But the view from that penthouse would probably be astonishing.

Trash bins, people, Felipe is even inspired by dirty trash bins! He must be the most positive-thinking person in Brazil.

And for dessert, we have a huge news anchor table with an already curious design, being repurposed as the TV studio itself. Or maybe it’s just me.