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AI Reimagines The Magical World Of Harry Potter After A Zombie Apocalypse


The Harry Potter films and the books they are based on have been hugely successful, received good reviews, and performed well commercially. The films transported viewers into the magical world created by Rowling, following teeny wizards on their journey to defeat the big and terrible – Lord Voldemort. Interestingly, the movies get progressively more mature along with their key characters, slowly getting darker and more serious as the story advances.

Although Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a far cry from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in terms of mature themes, the franchise has always stuck to its family-friendly appeal. If the movies were too dark or too violent, the series would not have a clear audience. One of the reasons Harry Potter has been so successful is that it fills you with the wonder of magical excitement before it hits you with more romantic plots and darker themes.

JK Rowling created something with the Harry Potter franchise that very few people have managed to put on the table. The novels are extremely popular, and an entire generation grew up on them, but the films also have a huge fan base. On top of all this, the video game, Hogwarts Legacy, released this year, is a real dream come true for Hogwarts lovers, and HBO recently announced that the universe will continue to expand. We don’t know much about the series developed by the streaming service, but we can say one thing for sure: it definitely will not feature a zombie apocalypse in Hogwarts.

Why is this important? Although the following images are very imaginative and undoubtedly make some of us want this scenario to be shown on TV, they have absolutely nothing to do with reality. Not only because it’s just a series of images generated by an AI but also because that would make J.K. Rowling even more wealthy, and we don’t want that. At least now we know what it would be like to shoot a zombie Voldemort right in the noggin. The rest of the HP cast has also been reimagined, including Hagrid, Harry, and of course, Snape, among others, so enjoy, and don’t forget to double-tap!