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9 Worst Things the Kennedy Family Was Ever Accused Of


The Kennedy family, renowned for their charisma and wealth, has been dogged by scandalous accusations since their rise to prominence in the 1920s. From whispered rumors of crime to the infamous curse that supposedly plagues them, their legacy is as tainted as it is glamorous.

Let’s delve into the murky allegations that have haunted this American dynasty and explore the nine worst things the Kennedies were accused of.

1. Chappaquiddick Incident Accusations

In 1969, Ted Kennedy’s car accident on Chappaquiddick Island resulted in the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne. Delayed reporting to the police and Ted’s sussy behavior raised many eyebrows, especially when people started speculating on all kinds of theories ranging from drunk driving to illicit affairs, with doubts surrounding Ted’s version of events.

2. Joseph Kennedy’s Antisemitism

Joseph Kennedy was infamous for his unabashed antisemitic remarks. Jo expressed sympathy for fascists in Europe, causing embarrassment for the US, and his support for appeasement and admiration for Hitler’s military prowess added to the accusations. Declassified documents revealed that he was kind of a d-bag when it came to the “Jewish problem” in America.

3. William Kennedy Smith Rape Accusations

In 1991, William Kennedy Smith, nephew of John F. Kennedy, faced rape allegations after an incident at the Kennedy family house in Palm Beach. The alleged victim, Patricia Bowman, claimed Smith assaulted her, leading to hospitalization. The case caused a stir, opening up a whole lot of cans filled with worms. However, Smith somehow proved that the encounter was consensual and ultimately got acquitted.

4. JFK’s Relationship with Mimi Alford

President John F. Kennedy’s affair with intern Mimi Alford remains highly controversial. Alford engaged in a sexual relationship with John F. Kennedy, but many witnesses from the White House staff also claimed that JFK made her perform sexual acts in front of the president and even “took care” of Ted Kennedy. Extremely nasty if true.

5. Joseph Kennedy’s Bootlegging Allegations

Rumors of Joseph P. Kennedy’s involvement in bootlegging have circulated for years. While he did profit from alcohol sales after Prohibition, his earlier involvement in bootlegging remains unclear. Some claim he supplied alcohol during his Harvard reunion in 1922, and connections to mob figures like Frank Costello have fueled speculation. Joseph Kennedy’s sudden wealth and trading activities have added intrigue to these allegations.

6. JFK’s Secret Marriage

Rumors suggest that John F. Kennedy had a secret second marriage to Durie Kerr (later Durie Malcolm) before marrying Jackie. While the story has been published in various books, including Seymour M. Hersh’s “The Dark Side of Camelot,” it lacks credibility. The Tampa Bay Times investigation revealed that JFK and Malcolm briefly dated, but she ended the relationship to marry someone else in 1947.

7. The JFK Mob Connection

Speculations of the Kennedys connections with Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana, who allegedly helped JFK get elected, were a huge deal back in the day. Some sources suggest Robert and JFK were assassinated by that very mob group as retaliation. However, there is no substantial evidence to support these claims, and the allegations of voter intimidation remain just that – allegations. 

8. Kennedy Divorce Bribe Rumor

Rumors circulated that Jacqueline Kennedy received a $1 million bribe to remain married to John F. Kennedy. The story emerged due to their frequent separations and alleged resentment. Supposedly, Joseph Kennedy offered the bribe to secure his son’s political future, and Jackie accepted. While the truth remains unknown, Jackie responded with wit, jokingly asking for $10 million.

9. Marilyn Monroe Assassination Accusation:

Rumors circulated that the Kennedy family was involved in the assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Monroe’s alleged affairs with John F. Kennedy and her deep connection to Robert Kennedy were at the base of this case. Claims of Monroe having sensitive information from high-ranking government sources contributed to conspiracy theories. Various authors, including Frank A. Capell and Norman Mailer, further popularized the rumors surrounding her death and got rich by putting all that into their books.