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9 Creepiest Chicken Eggs You’ve Ever Seen


Eggs are a weird concept, but what’s a breakfast without some bacon and eggs? “Boil ’em, mash ’em, put ’em in a stew,” as one hobbit used to say, referring to potatoes, but you get the gist – eggs are very tasty, nutritional, and can be cooked in many different ways. But what they don’t tell you is how odd-looking some eggs are when they come out of a chicken.

If you’ve dabbled in farming, you may have seen some of the most bizarre eggs ever. Or maybe the higher power spared you so you could see all of them at once in this little article.

Be warned: some of these oddballs may turn you away from eating eggs. Once you know the truth, there’s no coming back!

1.Fairy Eggs/Fart Eggs

It sometimes happens that an egg is formed of just the white, without any yolk. Since yolks make up for more than half of an egg’s volume, these tiny rejects pop out from the chicken like morning farts. In fact, that’s one of the names for the small eggs – egg farts.

2.Squishy Eggs

These squishy eggs are perfectly normal on the inside but lash the hard shell, probably due to lack of calcium, Vit D, or mama-hen just being stressed out. You can’t really crack this egg or a skillet easily, but boiling it should do it.

3.Resealed Eggs

Sometimes an egg will crack before it gets out, and if there’s enough time and resources, the chicken’s body will try to mend it with another layer of calcium.

4.Eggs With A Tail

Remember the soft-shelled eggs? This is their evolved form which forms when the already squishy egg gets stuck in a hen. It looks quite unnerving, but in the end, it’s just another snack.

5.Weird-shaped Eggs

What happens to a chicken egg when it gets stuck on the way out? If it doesn’t have any calcium deficiency, it’ll usually become pear-shaped before the shell solidifies.


One of the weirder examples on this list is the eggception – an egg inside another egg. Naturally, there’s a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, something to do with a second oocyte in the same egg, but we don’t want to bore you. Counter-peristalsis is not the most interesting water cooler topic.

7.Multi-Yolked Eggs

This freak of nature may sound cool, but did you know that it’s not possible for two pipsqueaks to hatch from one egg? There can be only one, but in this case, there will be none.

8.Wrinkly Old Eggs

Unlike the soft eggs mentioned previously, these wrinkly guys are quite firm. The reason why they look so odd is that their mama is old and had avian infectious bronchitis. At least, that’s what the farmer claims.

9.Perfectly Round Eggs

Round eggs are real and apparently, certain people are willing to fork over hundreds of dollars for the chicken that lays them.