8 Things You Do After The Gym That Makes It Totally Useless


Exercising is one of the most rewarding pastimes as it not only helps us maintaining a healthy physique, but it also keeps our mind healthy, reducing stress level s along with stomach fat. Yet in order for your workout to be most effective, there are a few rules you must follow and mistakes you should avoid. You probably know that pre-workout routine is extremely important, but most of us forget that what we do after the exercises is equally essential to building a fit and lean body. Here are 8 things you do after the gym that makes it totally useless.

Skipping post-workout snack

You might think that eating after workout is a big no-no, but here’s where you’re wrong. It’s best to eat a light protein meal with a bit of carbs half an hour after the workout (but not later). Protein is crucial to healing and strengthening your muscles that stretched during the workout. You also need to replenish the glycogen your body used to fuel the workout, so eating a bit of carbs will be only good for you.

Skipping post-workout snack | 8 Things You Do After The Gym That Makes It Totally Useless | Brain Berries

Ignoring your body temperature

During workout your body temperature rises naturally, and it’s fine to rock that tank top of yours, but once you finish working out it’s best to put on something warm even if it still feels warm. The thing is, your body has just been under some stress and is now recovering, which leaves it vulnerable to all kinds of viruses and diseases. If you want to boost your immunity and not vice versa, you should put on some warm jacket after your exercise.

Relaxing too much

After the workout you want to cool down, that’s understandable, but in order to relax and still reap all the benefits of the workout you just did, you need to reduce your activity little by little. Opt for an active ‘cool-down’ – go for a short walk, play with your pet, do some cleaning in the house. Don’t just drop on the couch or to watch some TV – thias will do no good for your body, according to scientists.

Skipping water

Dehydration is a nasty thing and it can happen easily if you don’t replenish all the water lost during exercise. All your bodily and brain functions depend on it! Without rehydration, your body will not receiver fully and you might even feel fatigue and exhaustion after the workout. It’s also important to drink water and not some energy or sugary drinks that will mess with your sugar levels and blood pressure.

Skipping water | 8 Things You Do After The Gym That Makes It Totally Useless | Brain Berries

Drinking alcohol after the workout

This one should be obvious, but we will still mention it. Drinking after workout and in general if you’re trying to build a fit body with toned muscles is a big no-no. Not only does it mess with your calorie intake and sugar levels, it also inhibits muscle growth – exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to do!

Drinking alcohol after the workout | 8 Things You Do After The Gym That Makes It Totally Useless | Brain Berries

Stressing too much

Whether it is the pressure of reaching your exercise goals or overall stress levels caused by work or studies, it will only impair your workout. It’s good to relax after gym, do something pleasant like spending time with family, reading a book, playing with your pet. Stressing after workout will make your whole routine unproductive and you will feel less motivated to continue exercising tomorrow. Make sure your gym activity is connected with something pleasant so you have more desire to come back to it again and again.

Stressing too much | 8 Things You Do After The Gym That Makes It Totally Useless | Brain Berries

Start workout without stretching

So you probably know that stretching and warming up your muscles before the workout is important, but you should do it afterwards as well! Post-workout stretching promotes muscle flexibility, improves blood circulation, reduces stiffness and lessens soreness after the exercises. When you do post-workout stretching, it gradually becomes much easier to perform your routine.

Start workout without stretching | 8 Things You Do After The Gym That Makes It Totally Useless | Brain Berries

Skipping shower

First of all, it’s a matter of simple hygiene – you really need to wash off all that sweat and change into clean dry clothes. Your muscles also need that post-workout shower! You might be craving a cool shower after you finish exercising for several reasons – first of all to reduce your body temperature that has risen considerably during training. A cold shower also helps your muscles relax and regenerate faster. Your skin also needs cleaning as post-workout sweat will clog the pores, which will eventually lead to a number of health issues.