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8 Conspiracies That Turned Out To Be True


Conspiracy theories have always fascinated people. So much so that they look for conspiracy theories not only in the assassination of John F. Kennedy or the collapse of the Soviet Union but also in small everyday things like the 5G towers and COVID.

And all that to find a simple explanation for everything in this complex world. While the vast majority of the theories look more like they were written by some guy on shrooms, at least some of them turned out to be true.

1. Social networks were created and are used by the government

Special services and law enforcement agencies are really happy to use the information that users voluntarily post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social networks. At the same time, there are multiple reports that the owners of these networks directly cooperate with the secret services. Naturally, such reports have to be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s very likely that the G-men can at least monitor social networks on their own.

2. HAARP is developing an energy weapon

The company manufacturing High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has been repeatedly accused of manipulating the weather and causing destructive cataclysms in the past 10-15 years. The “witnesses” say that it is not a scientific study but a geophysical weapon that disrupts the natural climate of the Earth. Of course, the HAARP people deny everything.

3. Antivirus devs create new viruses to remain profitable

This is the oldest “IT” conspiracy theory, based on a completely rational approach because the very existence of computer viruses is the basis for the well-being of antivirus developers. However, we can safely say that drug fighters benefit from the existence of drug dealers, the IRS from tax evaders, and the police from catching bad guys. But most likely, yeah, the AV people are making things worse to make things better.

4. Long-lasting incandescent lamps are deliberately discontinued

Another common conspiracy theory is that manufacturers deliberately limit the life of their products in order to maintain stable demand for them and generate interest in new models. The history of this theory goes back to the so-called “Phoebus Cartel,” which brought together the world’s largest manufacturers of electric lamps, under which a secret agreement was reached in 1924 to prevent the mass production of lamps with a service life of more than 1000 hours and on measures to ensure such a restriction.

5. Free energy exists

A lot of people are convinced that there is public and completely free energy in nature, the use of which is blocked by governments and energy monopolies because it can undermine the basis of their power. Otherwise, we would have long been using cold nuclear fusion as the main way to generate electricity, and our cars would run on engines that are absolutely safe for nature, running on regular air.

6. Mind control and time travel

As you may have heard, secret experiments on controlling the human mind and traversing space and time have been carried out by the governments of many powerful countries in the last century. For example, the Montauk project in the 60s was engaged in studying super-strong electromagnetic fields to create psychological weapons and move objects in space and time. The so-called Philadelphia experiment became a legendary example of the transportation of an object in space, during which, in 1943, the US Navy battleship Eldridge with the crew disappeared from the radar and instantly moved tens of kilometers from its original point. According to some reports, the ship’s teleportation experiment was based on the notes of the recently deceased physicist Nikola Tesla, which fell into the hands of the US government.

7. Bitcoin is discredited by the 1%

The cryptocurrency, which does not have a single emission center or an official regulator capable of forcibly influencing its rate, does not fit into the scheme of the modern world economy at all. That is why it is deliberately discredited by the true owners of the international financial system.

8. Your gadgets are watching you

All electronic and radio devices are able to monitor their owners using hidden microphones and cameras, as well as circuits for transmitting an encrypted signal over the Internet or on the air. It’s no secret that the cameras of your laptop or smartphone can be activated even without your participation and without the appropriate notification. Still, some companies no longer feel the need to hide their desire to spy on their customers. Comcast, Google TV, Microsoft, and Verizon are already developing TVs and digital video recorders that can watch what viewers do while they use them. Suppose you add other tech gadgets as well, and you’re looking at trackers for movement, sounds, food and drink choices, nationality, mood, and other information in order to make advertising more targeted. It’s a slippery slope for sure.