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6 Atheists That Changed the World


Religion is becoming less and less important in big parts of the world, and depending on your personal beliefs that’s probably a good thing. Even when looking at history, despite religion having a huge impact on how our world and society has evolved, atheism has always been a popular way of life.

Albert Einstein

Not a real atheist but more of an agnostic, Einstein was very scarce when it came to voicing his opinions on religion. What he did have opinions on were science things, like the theory of relativity.

Sigmund Freud

The grandfather of psychology (the early, non-scientific form of psychology), Freud paved the way for the humane sciences. Freud didn’t believe in anything that couldn’t be observed, which is why he wasn’t an avid believer in God or an afterlife.

Stephen Hawking

It’s hard to deny this man’s influence on science and physics. He believed that science was fully capable of explaining how something came from nothing, and we didn’t need a God to do this.

Karl Marx

As the grandfather of communism and socialism, Marx wasn’t just an atheist. Apart from not believing in God, he was also very opposed to religion and worship of gods in general. He claimed that religion was almost as bad for society as capitalism.

Thomas Edison

One of the biggest inventors of his time and the reason why we all have the electricity needed to read this article, he absolutely loathed religion. He considered it fake, man-made and had little to no respect for it.

Alan Turing

The man who created the famous Turing Test for testing AI systems, Alan Turing actually started off religious. He renounced his faith after one of his friends suddenly passed away from illness.