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4 Reasons Body Positive Women Live Happier and Longer Lives


Most women, sooner or later, wonder how much they should weigh and, what’s more important, what’s the fastest way to shed a few pounds. But many people forget that the weight and reflection in the mirror do not give a full picture of how healthy they are and what to do next. Experts advise not to focus on numbers, but instead think about it from a different perspective. Ideal weight is not a specific number that is true for all women of the same height. There are many factors you need to take into account, like genetic makeup and lifestyle. There are also several types of figures, and if you got the wrong one, it does not mean that yours is certainly “bad.”

If you think that having some meat on your bones is detrimental to your health, know that being underweight may mess your body up even more. A recent survey shows that having extra weight can actually be good for you. Here are some of the advantages of having a plus-sized booty! 

Lowers the risk of dying

Even with the risk of increased heart-related problems, extra weight serves as a buffer zone for countless other conditions. The conducted studies showed that husky people had a 6% lower risk of dying than the skinny ones. Also, a few extra pounds would help you sleep better if you’re 70+ years old.

Body fat serves as a physical barrier

In some cases, those love handles you hate so much could literally save your life and help you live just a bit longer by providing resistance to potential blunt traumas. Think hip bone fractures or nasty bicycle accidents. But don’t rely on your body too much; it’s still just flesh.

Big ladies are less likely to be depressed

Recently the researchers have discovered that the FTO gene, associated with fat mass and obesity, also dips a little bit into our general happiness. Do you know what that means? Large people are generally happier and therefore have a lower chance of becoming depressed. 

Curvy women live a care-free life

As we’ve established before, having some of that extra fat can drastically improve one’s physical well-being. But the body is just a meaty shell that requires a healthy mental attitude. Luckily for us, a lower chance of developing depression means a happier life! One of the studies on FTO showed that overweight women after 40 are dealing with their daily life much better, despite being physically outmatched by regular people. The researchers also found out that the lack of exercise didn’t have as strong of an impact on women’s well-being as it did on men.

So in the end, just make an effort to love your body and you’ll see the results.