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Original Paintings of Interiors By Erika Stearly


Are you the sort of person who just can’t stop looking through interior design catalogues and your Pinterest is full of photos of cool houses and apartments which are all different but charming in their own way. Do you have a dream of remodelling or redecorating your house to look like something you’ve seen on an interior design website? Do you worry that you’ll never be truly satisfied with your home because all the styles you like are vastly different and you simply will never be able to own as many houses or apartments to try out all the interior dreams you have? Do you sometimes wish you could just frame photos of interiors but it seems a bit silly? Well, we might have a solution for you. How about getting some creative paintings of interior designs?

Erika Stearly has a similar obsession but she channels it in a very interesting way. She has been painting domestic spaces since 2010. She gets inspired by all sorts of photos of homes, be it furniture catalogues, home remodelling shows, vintage interiors she sees in magazines, photos of her friends’ houses, etc. She even goes as far as to look for photos of interiors on Instagram and Craigslist.

Her medium is a combination of watercolour and acrylic paint. Her paintings are usually colorful and not really true to scale, and kind of exaggerated but they still feel like home. She also likes titling them with the street addresses of the places that she paints.

Erika’s paintings have been available for purchase before but recently she had some really good news that made her art even more accessible to those who want to buy it. Here’s what she wrote in her Instagram post:

“When I first started making interior paintings, I collected a lot of home decor catalogues. This painting is of a dining room set from CB2, a subsidiary of Crate and Barrel, made sometime around 2013.

I picked this image for today’s post – my 1000th post – because the coolest thing just happened: my paintings are no longer going to FEATURE the photos found in catalogues like CB2, they are going to BE FEATURED in them!

I’ve negotiated a licensing agreement that will allow some of your favorite images to be available as wall art through Wayfair, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Target, and others.

I never could have expected this. This is one of those magical things that happen when people begin to notice that you show up day after day to do something you care about.”