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Original Paintings of Interiors By Erika Stearly

Erika Stearly has been painting domestic spaces since 2010. She gets inspired by all sorts of photos of homes, be it furniture catalogues, home remodelling shows, vintage interiors she sees in magazines, photos of her friends’ houses, etc.

This Artist’s Paintings are Out of This World | Brain Berries

This Artist’s Paintings are Out of This World

Oleg Prakorina has been making art for several decades now, but it seems like he has only just now fully embraced the classic combination of oil on canvas. His paintings are very original, but he also doesn’t shy away from showing his influences. From the impressionist brushstrokes of Monet to the stark, edgy, geometrical portraits that call back to the paintings of Picasso — it seems like Oleg is exploring all the aspects of art.