10 Most Badass Hollywood Actors Of The New Generation

Every year talent agencies in Hollywood uncover new fantastic actors and actresses, who will become iconic one day, just like the “old masters”. Some people spend years trying to reach the top while others only need that one (or three) chance to show the world how badass they actually are! So here’s a list of 10 fantastic actors who can give the past generation icons, like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, a run for their money.

14 Celebrity Friendships That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Celebrity friendships can sometimes be immune to the test of time. They plow through all the struggles our regular normal people friendships have to plow through, and they make it out a lot stronger than they were before. The celebrity friendships below are a prime example of that.

Celebrities We Lost in 2016

As a way of paying tribute to people that gave their entire lives to the purpose of our entertainment, let’s take a look at the great performers and actors we’ve lost in 2016.

9 Most Vicious Fan-Favorite Anime Vampires

If you think anime vampires sparkle like perfectly groomed cat’s balls, you’d be dead wrong. They hunt in the night, waiting, watching for that perfect moment to attack their prey – a defenseless human being (most of the time). Then boom! Bang! They dig their ferocious fangs into a soft neck to suck all the blood from the victim, and start the cycle of death once again. The following vampires are all vicious killers searching for forgiveness, glory, revenge… or just some fresh blood.

12 Shows from the 90s That Are Still Amazing Today

The 90s have made a great impact on modern TV shows and movies. Without Twin Peaks, would we have seen Lost? And without Friends, would there be How I Met Your Mother? Probably not. It was a great era of movie-making breakthroughs, amazing sitcoms and cool kids’ shows. And while watching all of 90s shows would probably be impossible, you can settle for a list of crème de la crème TV shows that are a must-see for anyone who appreciates great plots and engaging stories.

10 Amazing TV Moments We Just Couldn’t Stop Re-Playing This Year

We’ve seen a lot of great movies this year, but TV is also staying up-to-date bringing elaborate plot turns, breathtaking drama and loads of cool effects to the screens. Comedies, dramedies, detectives, and sci-fi – this year had it all! Apart from great acting, superb directing and amazing camera work, this year’s shows brought us some of the most thrilling moments ever. We couldn’t help ourselves and just had to push the ‘pause’ button to savor the moment! Here’s a list of 10 crazy cool TV scenes from various genres that made everyone’s eyes go wide.

The 8 Manliest Christmas Movies

December 25th is that time of the year when you get to spend time with family, eat loads of food, get three pairs of socks from aunts you haven’t seen since last Christmas, and cuddle up in front of the TV and watch Home Alone for the fifteen billionth time.
If you’re looking to mix things up for this year’s Christmas, try considering these manly Christmas movies that manage to bring across all the joy of that jolly good time of the year without resorting to the classic combination of cheesy romantic subplots, slapstick humor and thin plotlines.
Also, guns and explosions.

10 Things About Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson You Didn’t Know

One of the biggest WWE Superstars and an outstanding actor – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is currently one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. And you know the Internet, if someone becomes popular, we gotta dig to find something nasty about them. Too bad Dwayne’s a really great guy, and probably never did anything horrible in his life. But still there’s plenty of cool facts to discover, so sit down and enjoy these 10 things about Dwayne Johnson you probably didn’t know.

19 “Home Alone” Actors Then and Now

Believe it or not, it’s already been 26 years since this hilarious movie was first aired. Take a look at all of these old and wrinkly “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2” actors. Make sure you get to the last person on this list, because you might be in for a surprise!

9 Iconic Movie Roles And Their Original Actor Picks

You won’t believe it but most iconic roles we now associate with a certain actor, were written for other actors at first. Either there were scheduling conflicts or financial disagreements, but one thing is for certain: for some reason, these people didn’t accept the role that would later turn out to be quite the success for the other guy. Or gal.
Let’s take a look at some iconic roles and the actors that were first cast and ended up getting the part.

10 Celebrities Who Went Broke

It’s hard to imagine that some celebrities can make tons of money, and yet still file for bankruptcy at the end of the year. What are they doing with all that dough? And seems like the older stars from the 90’s usually have it the worst.
Throughout the decades, we’ve seen dozens, if not hundreds, of singers, actors and other celebs go from making millions, to scraping the bottom. Here are 10 celebrities who went broke and didn’t tell you.