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10 Incredible Fictional Characters That We Wish Were Real


If you could bring any fictional character from books, movies or comics to life, you’d definitely have a hard time choosing just one. Some of you will find this list stupid and extremely subjective, and you’d be right – it is both. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in a fictional world and its characters that upon finishing the book or the movie we wish that those heroes were alive and breathing, and not just figments of our imagination.


Here are 10 incredible fictional characters we wish were real.



1. Leslie Knope
Leslie would be the best potential president any country could ever have. If you don’t know who she is, you better go watch Parks and Recreation!



2. Batman
I mean, he’s Batman. Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist… Knows like a hundred martial arts, can crochet with his eyes closed, and cooks a mean mac ‘n’ cheese. What else would you need?

3. Tony Stark
He’s just like Batman in terms of resources, but he’s also a tech genius. Using his brilliant inventions we’d get to the year 3000 in a hundred years.



4. The Knight Rider (and KITT)
Seeing this dynamic duo of my childhood in the real world would most definitely leave me speechless. A talking car is not a rare sight in the modern world, but a talking car with attitude sure is!

5. Gandalf the White
Who doesn’t love magic tricks, especially if those aren’t really “tricks.” You can get whatever you want by just waving your magic-infused staff.



6. MacGyver
Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be like the old MacGyver, but having him around would also do nicely. He’s probably one of the most resourceful characters on this list.

7. Walker the Texas Ranger
Yet another hero of my childhood, Walker is one of the best law enforcement officers to have ever walked the earth. Let that pun sink in.

8. Almost any Pokemon (or all of them, really)
Imagine riding a Charizard in the sky, or swimming on Lapras’ back through the ocean, or having a nigh-infinite energy source with the likes of Raichu or Zapdos… Not to mention all the cute Pokemon you could cuddle with!



9. Goku
Whenever the world would be in danger, we’d just call Goku and ask him to fix everything. I was considering adding Superman or One Punch Man here, but Goku is just more fun to hang out with.

10. Genie from Aladdin
Three wishes AND the voice of Robin Williams? This one’s an easy pick for me. Say, what would you wish for if you had those three wishes and while you’re at it, who’s on your list of top fictional characters?